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3 Reasons to Use Construction Equipment Tracking for Maintenance

By September 7, 2021LANA Asset
3 Reasons to Use Construction Equipment Tracking for Maintenance

Ensure Equipment and Bottom-Line Health

Having well-maintained equipment is how you retain high levels of safety and productivity on any job site. But keeping an eye on every asset can be a lot to handle. With tracking devices to alert you to maintenance needs, you can make every project run more smoothly. Here are the top three reasons you should be using construction equipment tracking devices on all your assets to know when it’s time for maintenance.

Skid Loader With CP45 Device

Being Proactive Rather Than Reactive

Don’t put employees or your bottom line at risk! The ability to effectively manage your assets ensures you can do what you can to protect your assets and prevent freak incidents that could throw your team in harm’s way. A proper asset tracking device comes paired with a cutting edge platform, such as CallPass’s LANA Asset, the presents an array of customizable reporting ensuring you hold the pulse of your assets so you can plan for maintenance accordingly.

Save Money on New Assets

Heavy construction assets and equipment are not cheap. When you spend that much money on something, you want to keep it in good condition as long as possible. A regular maintenance schedule means you can identify issues before they become more expensive problems. When you find these issues early on, you save money on repairs, instead of having to replace large parts or buy a new asset altogether. This helps you prolong the life of your existing assets so you don’t have to spend money to replace the asset as frequently.  Instead, use your profits to boost employee pay, expand your services, or add new locations for your business.

Optimize Your Existing Assets

Heavy construction tracking can also help you get more out of the assets you already own. GPS tracking devices give you real-time location information so you always know where your assets are. This helps you identify when they are spending too much time idling in the yard instead of moving around the job site and being put to use. Combining this with the maintenance sensors allows you to schedule routine maintenance checks between jobs, so your employees are always working with proper functioning equipment. Waiting for an emergency to happen before fixing an issue, puts your employees and your bottom line at risk.

CallPass Has an All-Encompassing Solution

With CallPass, construction managers are able to use heavy equipment tracking on their assets to Locate, Analyze, Notify, and Act on everyday hurdles to their day-to-day operations along with simply boosting operational efficiencies on a daily basis. Cutting-edge GPS tracking devices enable real-time location information so you’re always aware of where your heavy equipment is at, but that is just the start! Advanced customizable reporting allows you to fully manage each asset you own. So, you can be proactive rather than reactive, such as being alerted when an asset is due for maintenance or if an asset leaves a job site location without authorization.

CallPass Has the Solution To Fully Optimze Your Construction Equipment

  • Optimize Your Yellow Iron, Backhoes, Diggers, & More!
  • Improve Operational Efficiencies
  • Plan For Maintenance Accordingly

A thorough heavy construction tracking system includes GPS tracking devices, diagnostic sensors, and cloud-based software all working together. Combine this information to inform your maintenance schedule and avoid emergency situations that delay projects and harm employees. To learn more about the solutions CallPass offers, request a demo to see for yourself how all these components work together for your business.



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