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  • Locate Your Collateral On Demand
  • Streamline Your Collection Efforts
  • Never Write Off an Asset Again
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Industry Leading Auto-Tracking Technology

The iGotcha advanced GPS tracking cloud-based platform is the top solution for monitoring your collateral in the Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) vehicle industry. This powerful asset monitoring solution from CallPass provides BHPH and Auto Dealers a reliable and accurate GPS tracking platform to locate collateral in near real-time 24/7. iGotcha helps increase payment performance, monitor auto loans, protect against total loss and improve profitability.

Developed specifically for the Buy Here Pay Here vehicle industry, iGotcha advanced GPS tracking provides visibility, utilization, analytics, and wireless sensing. It offers customers on-demand location-history reports and a wide range of location-based information right at your fingertips so you can make an informed decision for your company with better data.

Take control of your assets with advanced asset monitoring. Whether you’re on a smartphone or tablet, you can quickly and easily access our mobile app so you know where your assets are at all times. Even when you’re away from your desktop, with iGotcha Advanced GPS Tracking, you’re always in control.

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Buy Here Pay Here Advanced GPS Tracking Solutions

Our iGotcha advanced GPS tracking platform provides world-class hardware so you get the most reliable GPS tracking for your BHPH collateral. We’re partnered with Xirgo Technologies and connected to the two largest telecom networks in the United States, so you can expect the best in class coverage.

iGotcha’s GPS asset monitoring award-winning application assists in each area of your dealership needs so you can reduce delinquency, mitigate risk, and improve lot management overall with our innovative technology. If you want to keep your BHPH collateral in your sight at all times, we have the solution.

iGotcha Advanced GPS Platform For Buy Here Pay Here Vehicles Top Features Include:

Advanced Device Reporting
  • Daily Install: Lists devices and date of the install.
  • Devices: Lists all devices on account.
  • Estimated Mileage: For customers that want mileage tracking, updates every 250 miles.
  • No Communication: Displays last location, date, and event for non-working devices.
  • Total Devices: Lists total devices by account through live, inventory, and inactive.
Android & Mobile APP Features 
  • VIN Scan: Assign your collateral to a device by scanning the barcode located on the vehicle so you can decode the year, make, and model.
  • Locate on Demand: Our on-demand features lets you locate your vehicle when you need to from your smartphone.
  • Disable/Enable: Easily disable the engine so it won’t start.
Alerts & Notifications
  • Impound Lot Notification: Receive an email or text for every vehicle that enters an impound lot.
  • Low Battery Alert: Instant alerts receive when a battery runs low.
  • Geo-Fence Detection: Alerts received when a geofence is crossed.
  • Geo Marker: Receive notification when a geo marker is crossed.
Customizable Geozones
  • Geo-Fence: Set a perimeter around your collateral’s location to know when it leaves a certain boundary.
  • Geo Marker: Set a perimeter around a specified address and no when your collateral leaves or enters that address.
Location Mapping
  • Overall Map View: Full look at all live devices on a map.
  • Location History Map: Provides Buy Here Pay Here and used car dealers a full view to enhance recovery success.
  • Locate-on-demand: Unlimited ability to locate your vehicle assets right when you need them.

Quick Device

The Exclusive Buy Here Pay Here Tracking Device

High Performace Auto GPS Tracker

The CallPass iGotcha Quick Device is a fully integrated tracking device for communicating mobile asset location information to owners via AT&T’s Cat M1 network. With an integrated GPS engine, embedded cellular, PCS and GPS antennas, Quick Device is a cost effective solution for monitoring vital location data for remote assets.

Super Intuitive Mobile Application

Our advanced mobile application will become your business's best friend as you expedite an array of manual steps with the simple bar code scan of your device!

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