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iGotcha GPS New APP Features

By January 2, 2020November 6th, 2020iGotcha GPS

The iGotcha GPS Quick device just got quicker with new automated setup features developed for the BHPH Auto Industry

We’ve been at this for 13 years+ and with that we have seen it all and understand the challenges that Buy Here Pay Here Auto Dealers (BHPH) and Automotive finance companies in the subprime marketplace come across daily. Especially when it comes to protecting your collateral and streamlining collection efforts!

With that being said we are always working to provide you most advanced GPS tracking technology, devices and applications to help your business collect more payments on time and increase your profits! We are proud to announce that our Quick Device just got quicker! CallPass has added a new set of ‘Install’ features to its iGotcha GPS application.

The new install features automate the setup process by giving you the ability to scan a vehicle’s VIN and register it directly to a specific GPS Tracker and to a specific account holder, lender or consumer. It also gives you the ability to test our unlimited ‘Locate on Demand’ feature at the time of installation to confirm a successful install. This information is then automatically populated to the cloud and loaded in your iGotcha dashboard.  Gone are the days of manual entry and errors!

We believe that automating this step in the install process is vital for all BHPH Auto Dealers, Automotive finance companies, Subprime finance companies and Automotive recovery agents that are utilizing GPS tracking to protect their collateral and increase profits. This new feature set provides a number of different benefits;

It gives you the added accountability needed to ensure that your GPS tracking devices are installed correctly. Ultimately it provides 100% accurate information that the vehicle associated with a particular finance contract is the correct one!

It increases productivity and improves effciencies. By auto populating the vehicles VIN and the company or borrowers information into the iGotcha daboard you eliminate all the errors that onced occurred with manual entry and the time spent on trying to resolve such errors. The new install features also comes with a ‘recycle a device‘ function should you wish to move a previously used device to a new vehicle you can do this within the application. This helps to eliminate GPS devices being removed and added to another vehicle without consent.

We know that trying to collect payments from customers can be extremely changelling at times and that recovery of those vehicles when a customer is in default can be seriously time consuming and detrimental to your profits and bottomline.

Combined with iGotcha‘s unlimted locate on demand feature the automated install feature ensures that decisions being made in real-time to recover a vehicle are accurate. This allows for the fastest repossession by recovery agents.

At CallPass our aim is to ensure that your collateral and assets are always protected and that your buisness is able to maximize it‘s profits through our advanced GPS asset tracking technology and solutions. The new features added to the iGotcha Application are just one of the many ways we can help you achieve this.

As always new features are inclusive and available to all CallPass iGotcha customers. You can download the iGotcha App to your phone or tablet via the Apple App Store or Google Play today!

If you would like more information on these features or our products please contact us at +1 (877) 324-0999 or schedule a live online demo here.


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