Asset Tracking Solutions For 

Intermodal Chassis, Containers & Rail Cars

Solutions for All Modes In Your Transportation Management System.

Make your business stronger with LANATM Asset tracking software from CallPass. This easy-to-use platform features a highly configurable dashboard for intuitive data collection and reporting. Use it to track all your intermodal assets including chassis, containers, and rail cars.

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LANA Asset Live View Via Map

Accurate Reporting for Better Business Clarity

  • Filter and sort your assets by type, location, geozone, and active or parked status. This helps you easily and quickly identify underutilized assets and reduce dormancy by seeing which assets are idle and where they are located.
  • Monitor periodic events and scheduled check-ins for any intermodal chassis, container, or rail car in your fleet.
  • Get a report summary of all alerts and notifications for a specific GPS tracker for equipment, or a group of trackers.
  • Use GPS location data to see how many miles are put on each of your assets per day.
  • Keep an eye on dwell and demurrage times so you can bill appropriately and get your assets back on time.

With easy-to-use interfaces and advanced technology, you will never have to question the location and performance of your assets.

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Customized Geozones for Any Asset

Use landmarks of any type or shape and any number of points to build a cloud-based geozone for each GPS tracker for equipment. You’ll get the most accurate boundaries in your transportation management system.

Set a geozone within a geozone to help reduce inventory search time in your equipment management system.

Up-to-Date Maps Keep Your Information Fresh 24/7
  • Your GPS tracker for equipment provides the latest ping data so you can see each intermodal chassis, container, or rail car live on a map.
  • Get historic map data for any asset from the first day of tracking with your GPS tracker for equipment.
Alerts & Notifications to Keep You On Top of Your Business
  • Receive SMS or email alerts when a targeted asset starts to move or stops moving. This helps with dwell and demurrage, theft prevention, and asset utilization. Make better business decisions with the on-demand information from LANATM Asset asset tracking software.
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Top 3 Benefits

  • Increased visibility for all your assets and equipment, whether in your yard or across the globe.
  • Better ROI with accurate location and usage tracking features that enhance your ability to predict job costs.
  • Reduce dwell and demurrage to simplify billing and stop disputes with real-time data on start and stop times.
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