LANA™ Fleet Dash Cam Video Platform

  • Real-Time HD Video – When You Need It
  • Advanced GPS Fleet Tracking
  • 24/7 Security Protection

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Protect Your Drivers & Fleet with Real-TIme Video Evidence & Alerts

CallPass’s cloud-connected LANA Fleet dash cam video platform combined with the advanced AI-powered LANA Dash Cam provides you the easiest and fastest way to the truth should something go wrong with your drivers or vehicles.

Whether driving or parked this powerful duo delivers continual HD video of inside the vehicle and front exterior giving you the ability to see what really happens every second of every day with your vehicles and your drivers.  Detect and capture critical events in realtime  with video footage and alerts for:

  • Vehicle Collisions
  • Glass Breaking
  • Nearby Movement Detection
  • Harsh Acceleration & Breaking

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One Solution For Everything
GPS Fleet Tracking

At a price, you will love—all in one place.

Stream HD video in real-time of both the road and inside the vehicle.

Detects unsafe or risky activity and events — even when the car is parked and off.

Secure cloud storage for auto-detected events and 'OKPresto' clips.

Overspeed alerts with speed threshold — know when drivers are driving over the limit.

See complete trip history by day, week and specific date & timeframe.

View the precise location and track activity of all your fleet vehicles from a live map.

LANA Fleet Benefits

Visibility of Every Vehicle In Your Fleet
LANA Fleet - Protect Your Fleet With Dash Cams


Employers face up to $60 billion annually in legal expenses, lost productivity, and increased insurance costs due to motor vehicle crashes. Using video evidence to defend innocent drivers against false claims prevents costly legal battles and unnecessary payouts. It is also one of the most effective ways to increase driver acceptance of  a fleet dash cam.

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First-Class Fleet Management Platform


Quickly see what’s important to you whether you need to gather facts about a collision, verify service, or ensure policy or safety compliance. LANA Fleet Video Platform paired with the smart video technology of LANATM Cam lets fleet managers know in real-time how critical an event was,  such as an actual collision, a sideswipe, a near miss or glass breaking. No need to search through hours of video footage.

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