Redefining Trailer Tracking

  • Real-time Images of Cargo Inside Your Trailers & Containers
  • View Accurate Trailer & Container Capacity in Real-Time
  • Maximize Trailer Volume. Boost Profitability

Maximizing Your Trailers Revenue Potential Starts Here

LANATM Asset, CallPass’s industry-leading Asset Management Platform, and LANATM Vision is the ultimate solution for asset tracking and cargo monitoring. This powerful duo is a game-changer that addresses a crucial gap in the supply chain for cargo/freight transportation and logistics providers, shippers, and supply chain stakeholders to gain greater visibility and insight into their freight through real-time images, alerts, and updates.

This complete solution gives you the intelligence you need on trailer visibility, utilization, and volume capacity to make better business decisions quickly and stay connected to your trailers and cargo at every step of the logistic journey. LANA Vision can be used across a multitude of industries for:

  • High-Value Asset Management
  • High-Value Cargo Monitoring
  • Trailer & Container Management
Trailer Tracking & Cargo Monitoring

LANA Vision Benefits

Visibility Into Every Trailer & Its Cargo No Matter Where It Is
Cargo Monitoring


Instantly Know Trailer Space Utilization

LANATM Vision uses a time-of-flight ultrasonic sensor and dual cameras to analyze trailer capacity/fullness by volume and provides in-trailer images of loaded cargo as proof, so your dispatchers can correctly assign the right trailer and right driver for each scheduled pickup and better manage loading/unloading activity.

  • Increase loads per month per trailer to reduce capital expenses and maximize margins.
  • Pair LTL or TL loads with the trailer that generates the most profit by knowing the exact location and capacity volume, and space available for each trailer at anytime.
  • Send drivers to the right trailers to limit waiting time.
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Cargo History Report – A New Line of Sight For Cargo 

LANA Vision automatically captures real-time images triggered by key events such as trailer stops or door opens and closes. Movement alerts of cargo in your trailers and containers no matter where they are enable you to:

  • Compare manufacturer load plans with actual shipper capacity.
  • Identify when cargo has been packed and/or loaded incorrectly by shippers, so you can quickly adjust schedules and pricing.
  • Provide image proof to improve theft prevention and support insurance claims.
  • Increase turn-times by delivering real-time tracking and cargo visibility to customers like never before.
LANA Asset Live View Via Map


Automate Your Daily Operations

Using LANA Vision on all your unpowered trailers and containers in your fleet you will always know who is using them, where they are deployed, and how long they have been there all from one screen. By knowing the real-time GPS location and capacity level of your trailers you will be able to stop trailers being used for storage and redeploy idle trailers where they’ll generate you the maximum revenue.

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Reduce Labor & Overall Business Costs

Enhance Back-Office Operations Through Unrivaled Trailer & Cargo Visibility
LANA Vision - Redefining Trailer Tracking


Say No To Time-Wasting Disputes
Streamline detention billing practices by automatically tracking trailer arrival, loading, unloading, detention, and departure data. Eliminate invoice disputes by automatically providing in-trailer images as part of customer invoices.


Stop Guessing and Use Data to Drive Purchasing
LANATM Asset & LANATM Vision enables you to generate more revenue with the assets you already own. By giving you the ability to perform automated and remote yard checks that prioritize the movement of trailers or containers in the yard based on its capacity level or load type. With asset utilization data, you can decide which trailers to sell, lease or buy. You can also provide load status to downstream sortation systems to help balance the flow and plan staffing resources.

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LANA Vision
  • Two Cameras
  • 5MB Full Resolution Images
  • Stereo vision occupancy sensor
  • Time-of-flight ultrasonic distance sensor
  • External door open/close sensor
  • Integrated cargo temp/humidity/light sensors 
  • High capacity 15Ah rechargeable 10-year battery
  • Solar panel and 12V DC recharging
  • LTE Cat 4 Cellular
  • GPS antennas
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth 4.1 Radios
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