Asset Tracking Solutions For The Oil & Gas Field

Transform The Way You Manage Your Assets

  • Maximize Your ROI On Each Asset You already own
  • Improve Your Day-To-Day Operations
  • Eliminate The Days of Messy Whiteboards & Spreadsheets
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Cutting-Edge Equipment Management Software for Drills, Water Pumps and More

A high-powered equipment GPS tracking application for your tower lights, tank trailers, drills, and water pumps is essential to getting the job done. Our LANATM Asset platform lets you maintain complete control over your oil and gas equipment 24/7 including key metrics such as exact location and precise time on site.

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Oil Tank
LANA Asset on 3 devices

24/7 GPS Tracking for Any Location

When your drills, water pumps, and tank trailers are off-site, you want to know what they’re doing every minute of the day. Our real-time GPS tracking for the oil and gas industry is a fully web-based user-friendly application you can access from any location. Receive instant alerts and messages on your oil and gas equipment’s whereabouts to quickly and easily manage your entire equipment inventory.

User-Friendly Reporting
  • Filter by geozone and location to reduce equipment dormancy with our innovative asset awareness reporting feature.
  • Trip summary lets you easily monitor scheduled check-ins so you’re always in the know.
  • Take advantage of our engine hours report to witness a specific date or view all hours in use.
  • Stay in complete control with immediate alerts and notifications on all devices or a select few.

Learn how to increase the utilization of your oil and gas equipment as you make them work for you! LANATM Asset, CallPass’s advanced asset management technology, allows for easy control of your inventory as you raise profit margins!

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Build Your Own Zone

Want to keep your drills, water pumps, and tower lights right where you want them? Ensure the highest accuracy with cloud-based geozones that let you set a specific boundary around chosen landmarks of any shape with any number of points. Device-based geozones access wired equipment, so you receive instant email and text alerts if your equipment is on the move. Go even further and create your own zone within a zone with nested geozones to save you time when searching for your equipment.

Stay on the Map
  • Live location tracking keeps your oil and gas equipment on the map at all times based on its latest ping.
  • Locate your drills, tower lights, and tank trailers no matter where they are on the job with on-demand tracking and access complete history from the moment you started tracking or for a specific time frame.
Stay Alert at All Times
  • Battery Voltage Alert – Instant notifications let you know when your oil and gas equipment goes below a certain voltage, so they can continue to fully operate.
  • Battery Disconnect Alert – Stay connected with by-the-minute alerts if your GPS device is disconnected while in use.
  • Motion Start/Stop Alert – Stay alert with access to your equipment’s every move.
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Circular Geo-Zone

Top 3 Benefits

  • Predict Profits and Increase Your Bottom Line Our asset tracking application provides location and usage tracking features that can account for asset expenses, enhancing your ability to anticipate job costs and calculate operating margins.
  • Increase Turn Rates Improve productivity with faster turn rates.
  • Prevent Theft Immediate alerts triggered by geo-zones help you improve security.
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