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Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Container/TEU GPS Tracking Solution

By February 17, 2021August 13th, 2021LANA Asset
container gps tracking solution

Choosing the Right Container GPS Tracking Solution is Easier Said Than Done.

container GPS tracking solutionWith a multitude of vendors offering variations of asset tracking solutions, it can be intimidating to fleet managers to make the choice of who to work with. They might not have the experience or knowledge about which solution fits their business needs best.

Before you even approach one of these vendors it’s wise to take a step back and do some homework on your own fleet first. Possessing a solid understanding of where your fleet stands, along with what challenges you have or might encounter, will help shed more light on which container GPS tracking solution is right for you.

Luckily, choosing the right solution doesn’t have to feel like pulling teeth. To help, we’ve outlined a few of the questions you should be asking as you identify and evaluate which container asset tracking solution will provide the best ROI for your business.

How Long Will it Take to Learn the New Platform?

No matter what assets you’re tracking, whether that be intermodal shipping containers or even roll-off waste containers, the asset tracking solution you use shouldn’t require a sizable training period. In fact, most employees are typically hesitant to embrace new solutions if it’s overly complicated or burdensome.

Instead, search for more agile software that provides users with a friendly and easy-to-use interface. Extensive features don’t always mean better. Look for a container GPS tracking solution that has the advanced asset monitoring features you need to get the job done, but with a simple and logical navigation menu to make your job easy.

How Flexible and Agile is this GPS Tracking Software?

Whether you’re collecting data or configuring inventory, a flexible asset tracking solution should be easily customizable. An agile system helps to keep the wheels turning when daily routines experience the occasional lapse. Every business is built differently, just as the daily tasks and routines are what truly make your fleet profitable. Find an asset tracking solution that can handle your day-to-day grind.

LANA Asset on Various Devices

Can This Asset Tracking Platform Perform at The Same Level Across Various Devices?

It’s critical that you always stay in tune with your operations and have the ability to access the pulse of your operations while on-the-go. Using an application that provides you the same tools and effectiveness on your tablet as would your desktop is a key aspect that many find themselves overlooking.

Lately, we’ve seen an increase in employees who now prefer to use their own personal devices (tablet, laptop) when working on projects or accessing company information. When searching for the right container tracking solution, make sure it’s compatible with a plethora of devices, as this will help scale operations.

Automate Your Business with Asset Tracking from CallPass

It’s no secret that a TEU/container asset tracking solution is one of the most effective ways to help automate your intermodal operations and elevate your bottom line. The right asset tracking software can help you save time and money and is the perfect tool for fleet and supply chain managers who need to stay in constant contact with their assets.

One of the many features of CallPass’s LANATM Asset platform is the industry-leading geozone features. Fully customizable zones allow you to be promptly notified when your containers depart their port of origin or arrive at their final destination. This cutting edge insight enables your operations to never miss a beat, ensuring a fluid supply chain and a healthy bottom-line.


CallPass offers the best in asset tracking solutions with LANATM Asset, a first-class asset management platform. With its extensive features, yet straightforward approach, you receive accurate and reliable asset tracking no matter where your containers are located. For more information on container GPS tracking, our dedicated team of professionals is always happy to help answer any questions or concerns.They can also give you a free demo to see why our asset tracking platform outshines the competition! Simply fill out the form below to learn more about how CallPass can help your business!

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