Vehicle GPS Tracking

Sucure Your Auto-Lending Collateral Today!

GPS Collateral & Auto Tracking for Buy Here Pay Here and Auto Dealers

Our leading equipment GPS auto tracker for buy here pay here auto lenders is essential to keeping your vehicles and their loans fully monitored. With iGotcha GPS tracking from CallPass, you’re in complete control over your collateral 24/7 eliminating any room for error and keeping your business running smoothly.

Locate On Demand

Easily assign an asset to a device by scanning the VIN barcode on the vehicle where we decode the year, make and model of the vehicle. From there, locate your vehicle assets on demand anytime.

Speedy Disable/Enable

Prevent any of your vehicles from starting with quick access that puts a stop to the starter wire.

Impound Lot Notification

Know the moment any vehicle enters our list of impound lots and take immediate action.

Keep Track Of Your Buy Here Pay Here Collateral From Any Location

Never let an asset leave your sight without being fully accounted for. GPS auto tracking for buy here pay here collateral lets you keep a close eye on your assets and arrange for recovery when you need it. Our 24/7 real-time GPS auto tracking provides user-friendly software so you can track from any location. Your auto lender business relies on prompt payments, so you need a system that allows you to keep track of your loan performance and make money-saving decisions quickly.

24/7 Reporting

  • View a list of your live devices on the map with On-Demand Location-History Reports making an informed decision with the best data.
  • Instant notifications and alerts help you stay in control of your collateral.
  • Geozones and geofences allow you to set a specific boundary with your collateral and keep your assets in a specific zone.
  • Maintain maximum visibility with CallPass’s support team for the highest level of backup.
  • Know what’s on the lot and ready to be sold 24/7 with full control using your own Lot Management feature.

Ensure Prompt Payments

Subprime lenders know there’s always a risk when it comes to borrowers with less than stellar credit. Improving payment processing is necessary in the buy here pay here industry. With CallPass, receive the tools you need for full collection support.

Our all-in-one Dashboard Control Center puts your customer information in a centralized location for immediate updates and fast responses. Simplify your collections and payment tracking with a specialized DMS platform. CallPass DMS partners can access a single sign-on use of GPS tracking in your own DMS platform.

Know Your Assets’ History

Location history gives you everything you need to know at the touch of a button. Access your entire buy here pay here inventory directly from your app.  If you should need to repossess your vehicles know where they’ve been and where they’re going. Customizable options let you see location history for a specific time frame or since the very first day of tracking.

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GPS tracking for the buy here pay here industry has never been easier. If you’re placing a new order, use our easy system puts online orders to the front of processing and shipping so you never have to wait in line again!