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The 3G Sunset and The Impact It Could Have on Your Business’s GPS Tracker

By March 11, 2021March 16th, 2021iGotcha GPS
Fact Vs. BS! The 3G Sunset - CallPass



Before you consider renewing your devices with your current provider it is critical to consider the following…
Fact vs Fiction when it comes to your gps tracking device and the 3G sunset.

The End of An Era

The 3G network was deployed in the US in the early 2000s and its sunset is finally approaching. The phrase “3G sunset” refers to the term carriers utilize for making the switch from 3G to 4G (and so on). After the switch is in effect, carriers will no longer support devices, including GPS trackers, that are currently using the network. Sunset dates vary across the country, so it is suggested you contact your service provider immediately in regards to when this may affect you. It is gauged that this transfer will be complete by 2022.

Understanding the Sunset

You may be under the impression that the removal of the 3G network will not be affecting that many devices currently in operation, however, that could not be farther from the truth. There are currently an estimated 80 million 3G devices still on the network today! These devices range from home security systems to electric water meters, and tablet/notebook computers with asset monitoring software.

Rather, the 3G network plays an integral role for IoT and M2M devices as they run under a lower cost and service pricing than that of 4G modules. The urgency to make the switch away from 3G to the latest networks has not been there for many GPS Asset Tracking providers as the excelled speeds of 4G haven’t been deemed relevant for their devices.

Since 2017, CallPass has deployed tens of thousands of devices via LTE-M and was the first to do so for the Buy Here Pay Here industry, the coverage optimized for tracking moving assets due to cell tower handover. This standing is one of the many reasons it serves as the best network for our advanced Quick Device. Another key aspect that makes LTE-M the preferred network for our devices is the substantially less battery draw, as users of straight 4G coverage find themselves paying for more than what is actually needed for asset tracking.

Did You Know?

  • ALL 3G and CDMA networks are set to sunset in the very near future, varying by the carrier. Some have already begun the process this year (2021)!
  • Some GPS device providers have been knowingly selling CDMA and 3G tied devices on extended service plans to dealers for over the past year!
  • Have you heard other GPS companies touting a 5G network for their GPS tracking devices? Well, this is NOT true… 5G is currently only being tested out for wireless cell phones in select cities and states.

CallPass prides itself on being as transparent and proactive as possible, thus providing our customers with first-in-class coverage that won’t sunset to the detriment of your operations. For this reason, CallPass has provided its cutting-edge devices under LTE-M since 2017!

The impact that the 3G sunset will have on your business is what really matters. Save yourself the headache of suddenly having your devices failing and answer these questions: How could my assets be impacted? How would you address the issue?

LTE-M: Optimized for Asset Tracking

If your company runs on any of the 8 million 3G devices out there you most likely have already seen signs of its diminishing service. This steadfast demise will soon present these devices as obsolete over the course of the next year or so. The replacement, LTE-M networks, which CallPass proudly began using in 2017, are able to provide cutting-edge improved connectivity in means that 3G networks could not. The LTE connectivity will further provide BHPH asset tracking devices the capacity to swiftly collect data at speeds never seen before, aiding decisive decision-making at quicker rates allowing for repo’s to be made confidently like never before.

Don’t Be Fooled.
Secure Your Vehicles with CallPass

Take this as an opportunity to ensure the optimization and utilization of your assets is in the best possible hands. Rather than viewing the switch as a nuisance, tackle it as an investment for your operations for several years to come. Any business that remains on outdated networks may simply be limiting its own potential! Do yourself a favor and do not fall under this umbrella.

If you are unsure if your GPS tracking devices have moved past running on a 3G network, it is highly suggested you contact your provider soon to ensure your operations remain unaffected and operating at peak potential. Have them provide written documentation of what network version you are on. While the 3G network sunset will provide an array of obstacles, the rise in capabilities of the new network will escort in the new world of IoT that will further enhance your operations.

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Replace Your 3G Devices Today… For Free!

If you find out that your provider has been deploying 3G devices, your way to secure your auto assets and protect against faulty payments is CallPass. *CallPass & iGotcha GPS will replace your 3G and CDMA devices you have with your current provider FOR FREE! Don’t pay for renewals on devices that are going dark. Replace them, move forward, and watch the actual sunset with peace of mind.

You are already defending yourself against faulty payments. Don’t let 3G/CDMA devices cause even more headaches. To ensure your bottom-line isn’t impacted by sunsetting devices, fill out the form below to learn how CallPass can secure your vehicles and replace your devices now!

*Free devices replacement program requires a purchase of an iGotcha device and we will match your devices purchased 1 for 1.



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