Transportation & Logistics

Optimize Your Trailers, Containers, and Chassis!

  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Boost Operational Capacity
  • Fully Customizable Alerts & Notifications
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Asset Tracking That Boosts Your Supply Chain

The ability to have the highest visibility and access to your containers, trailers, and chassis is critical to transporters and long-haul/logistic carriers of valuable cargo in every industry! At CallPass we understand that your asset hauling the load is just as important, if not more so! 

Trailers, containers, and chassis could, and sometimes do disappear for weeks, months, years, at a time only to show up on the side of the road somewhere. That’s likely an asset that you’ve already written off and taken a loss on. Stop putting your missing assets down to “it’s just the cost of doing business.” 

  • Increase utilization and Optimize Fleet Size By Empowering Dispatch, Leasing, and Overall Operational Management
  • Raise Asset ROI as You Reduce Year-Over-Year Spend On New Assets.
  • Minimize Risk & Counter Hiccups With Ease

LANA Asset Supercharges Your Operations

All from one screen, we can help you make critical business decisions quicker. LANATM Asset, CallPass’s leading asset management platform, delivers the intelligence you need, when you need it, to ensure that your business achieves its objectives and increases its bottom line. Implementing an asset tracking solution to your transportation and logistics operations will supercharge your overall productivity and asset management.

LANA Asset Top Features

 LANA™ Asset,  CallPass’s interactive & easy to use dashboard, touches every area of your business.

  • Device management tools
  • Easy-to-read configurable reports
  • Historical mapping with data
  • Interactive & easy to use dashboard
  • Many more…

Take Command of Any Transportation & Logistics Asset

LANATM Asset works seamlessly with all of our rugged asset trackers allowing you to achieve peak utilization of each asset in your fleet.

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Intermodal Assets
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