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Digital Traffic Boards

Equipment Management Software
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When you partner with CallPass for asset tracking, you get high-tech equipment tracking devices and access to our proprietary LANATM Asset software for asset monitoring. You’ll never have to wonder where your mobile equipment is at, whether that’s arrow boards, message boards, or something else. Our rugged devices give you instant access to all your equipment, no matter where it is.

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Top 3 LANATM Asset Benefits
For Digital Traffic Boards

  • Better Visibility Keep an eye on your mobile equipment and get notified when it’s not where it’s supposed to be.
  • Better Information – Set geo-zones based on landmarks you choose so you can always know where your assets are located and make better business decisions.
  • Better ROI – Reduce your spending on new assets when you take better advantage of the equipment that’s already in your fleet.
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Customized Geozones Just for You

  • Device-based geozones are specific to a wired asset and allow you to receive SMS/email alerts for that particular digital traffic board.
  • Cloud-based geozones can be designated around your chosen landmarks for the most accurate boundary settings.
  • Nested geozones allow you to set a smaller perimeter inside a given geozone for ultimate accuracy.
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Mapped Data for Easy Use
  • Each device is a spot on the map so you can quickly and easily see where each and every one of your assets are located at any time.
  • Hardwired installation of your GPS tracker for equipment allows you to have always-on operation.
  • Go back in time for complete history data from the first day you started asset tracking.
Alerts & Notifications for What’s Important to You
  • What’s your battery status? Get instant notifications if a battery becomes disconnected or goes below a specified voltage.
  • Where’s your digital traffic board at? Know immediately if an asset starts to move, stops moving, or goes outside its designated geo-zone.
LANA Asset

Reporting for Anything You Need

Digital traffic boards come in many shapes and sizes. No matter if they’re arrow boards, message boards, or something else, the LANATM Asset, CallPass’s advanced equipment management software allows you to filter and sort your data so you can easily find what you need to know.

  • Make sure your assets get where they’re going on time with scheduled check-ins.
  • Get a report whenever you choose that shows you all alerts for each equipment GPS tracker or a group of trackers.
  • Keep an eye on the mileage per asset so you know when it’s time for maintenance.