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Why Use Dash Cams in Utility Service Vehicles?

By September 23, 2021October 1st, 2021Blog, LANA Fleet
Dashboard camera being used in tow trucks to record car accidents

Fleet Dash Cams Protect Your Drivers & Bottom Line

Using dashboard cameras for semi-trucks is a common occurrence, but they can also be useful for utility service vehicles such as HVAC, plumbing, and landscaping companies. They share many of the same benefits as any commercial dash cam, but there are a few unique benefits for utility service vehicles. Here are a few reasons to consider adding advanced dash cameras paired with an all-encompassing platform to your fleet.

Protect Your Drivers

As with any commercial vehicle, dual-facing dash cameras monitor the road, as well as the driver. When an accident occurs, you can see what was happening on the road and what the conditions were like to have caused it. You also have an inside look at what the driver was doing just before and after the accident.

Nearly 80% of accidents between commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles are the fault of the passenger vehicle. However, many commercial drivers end up being blamed. The video evidence can be used to protect your driver against fraudulent claims and potentially save you thousands (if not millions) in liability payments.

LANA Cam - Fleet Dash Cam

With a camera that faces the driver, you can help prove that they were not distracted, tired, or using their phone at the time of the accident. These cameras also show that your company is committed to driver training. When an accident or poor driving behavior does happen, you can use it to give feedback to the driver, as well as improve training for new drivers.

Secure Your Vehicles and Cargo

While the dashboard camera is watching the driver, it is also watching the passengers. Not only does this help ensure your passengers are on their best behavior, it can also help keep your drivers safe. In the event a rude, inebriated, or violent passenger enters the vehicle, you have video evidence of the exchange and can call for help for your driver or use it in court.

Secure Your Vehicles and Cargo While Away

Utility service vehicles have a unique need, as their vehicles may be parked outside a residential home or business, while your crew is inside completing the job. If something were to happen during this time period, it would different than an event happening after-hours when the vehicle is parked in your lot or outside an employee’s home.

The powerful LANA Dashcam provides reinforced security to your vehicles with its ‘Guard Mode’ feature. Gain the priceless sense of security you have been coveting when you are away from your vehicles, either left on the job site or in your yard. This cutting-edge hardware allows you to choose between 24, 48, and 72 hours of protection where you will receive alerts and have your camera record until the vehicle is turned back on. Each day the camera will utilize only 2% of a good battery’s full charge and consistently monitors battery levels, should a low vehicle battery level be detected the camera will automatically go into ultra low power mode.

Faster Insurance Claims and Lower Rates

Many insurance companies will offer discounts for simply have a dash cam installed. These devices show your commitment to fleet safety since their usage helps improve driver behavior. You can use this information to speed up insurance claims or prove fault with clear video evidence that gives more context and concrete details that testimonies may have misremembered.

Getting Buy-In from Your Team

To encourage safe driving behaviors, fleet managers can use rewards programs that recognize when proper driving techniques are used.

You can also start a conversation and share the benefits of dash cams for your drivers, especially when it’s used to help exonerate them when being blamed for events that were not their fault.

It’s important to be transparent with your team and disclose your usage of dashboard cameras. Many states have privacy and wiretapping laws that can restrict you from recording someone’s voice or image without their consent. Be sure to let your employees know if, when, and how you’ll be using the driver-facing dash cams.

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