Asset Tracking Solutions For Mobile Equipment 

Generators, Forklifts and More

An Equipment Tracking System
That’s Fool-Proof

A GPS tracker for equipment from CallPass is easy to install, compact, and extremely durable. It can withstand any job site and is designed to prevent theft of your mobile equipment including generators, forklifts, and more. Combined with the proprietary LANATM Asset platform, CallPass’s industry-leading equipment tracking software, you’ll be able to make the most of your assets every day.

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Map View - LANA Asset

Top 3 LANATM Asset Benefits

  • Predict Costs – Tracking your equipment’s location and usage helps you account for expenses, anticipate job costs, and calculate operating margins.
  • Increase Efficiency – With 24/7 access to your mobile equipment, you can streamline the data needs of your staff and be a more efficient team.
  • Proper Maintenance – Keep an eye on your generators, forklifts, and other mobile equipment so you can make sure they are getting proper maintenance when they need it.
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Your Own Geo-Zones for Each Asset

  • Geo-zones per device make sure your wired assets are where they need to be and send you alerts via text or email.
  • Geo-zones in the cloud allow you to set your own landmarks of any type, any shape, and with any number of points.
  • Geo-zones within a geo-zone give you the most accurate data possible so you can save time searching your mobile equipment inventory.
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Real-Time Maps Keep You On Top Of It All
  • View each generator, live on a map, based on its latest ping.
  • Locate each mobile equipment asset on-demand with hardwired installation and always-on operation.
  • See the complete location history of an asset from the first day you started tracking it.
Alerts & Notifications to Stay Aware
  • Battery Alerts – Know immediately if your battery becomes disconnected or goes below a certain voltage.
  • Movement Alerts – Keep tabs on your generator’s movements from start to stop and every geo-zone in between.
Asset Awareness Report

Reporting That’s Made Just for You

  • Get detailed information right at your fingertips. Filter and sort all your data by type, location, or geo-zone to find exactly what you need to know.
  • Periodically check-in with your generators to ensure everything is moving as it should.
  • Get a summary report for all alerts and notifications for a specific GPS tracker or all trackers.
  • Keep track of the miles put on each piece of mobile equipment.