A Partnership to Provide a Complete Solar-Powered GPS
Asset Tracking Solution to the Geotab Marketplace for
Non Powered and Intermittently Powered Assets.

The Ultimate IoT Asset Tracking Solution Fully Integrated within the myGeotab Dashboard

The only IoT asset tracking and management solution you need. No matter the industry, asset or equipment type Solar Sense and LANA are a powerhouse duo. From a simple track and trace to advanced sensor capabilities we’ve got you covered. Gain global visibility of all the assets that you own within the myGeotab dashboard from trailers and containers to arrow boards and generators, you name it this CallPass solution can track it.

Scalable, Ruggedized,
Solar-Powered GPS Asset Tracker

Solar Sense is the perfect asset tracker for powered and non-powered assets. With its IP67 rating it is designed to last in the toughest weather, roughest terrains in the most remote and power-starved environments.

Engineered to be fully charged within just 1 to 2 hours of direct sunlight the Solar Sense GPS tracker is powered by a super-efficient solar-rechargeable battery and AT&T 4G LTE Cat-1 network enabling the device to provide up to 10 years of operation and data without any maintenance!

With its super sleek low profile, no wires and easy installation this GPS tracker can be mounted and used on almost any asset or equipment type within in minutes via VHB tape or magnets. No installation professional required.

Solar Sense for Containers
Solar Sense for Scrap and Waste
Solar Sense for Agriculture

Monetizing Your Assets with CallPass

The hard numbers don’t lie, and we’ve got the deepest business insights for you in a easy to understand format. This makes monetizing your assets simple.

• Prevent theft and unauthorized use. Ensure that contracted or leased assets are where they need to be when they need to be.

• Limit or manage dwell times. Simplify billing, stop disputes and bill for detention with real-time data on billing stop and start times. Avoid prolonged dormancy.

• Reduce transit cycle times and bill for detention and dwell. Increase revenue and decrease loss exposure utilizing LANA™.

Optimize Asset Utilization and Increase Revenue

Our Asset Management Solution LANATM provides a full suite of advanced features and functionality to drive decisions and revenue, as well as advanced data search, sorting, filtering, and graphing functions.

LANATM Asset Awareness Reports allow you to automate yard checks providing a clear and accurate look at what’s on your yard. Easily manage thousands of assets on multiple yards, both company and customer-centric nationwide.

From sales to service, dispatch to accounting, customs and compliance, this complete solution provides every area of a customer’s business with accurate visibility into asset utilization, yard movements, dwell and demurrage times as well as arrival and departure times. LANATM enables a business to see a true ROI from its assets by giving managers the ability to quickly identify underutilized assets and re-deploy or sell them.

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