LANA Vision

Advanced Tracker & Cargo Monitoring


  • Cargo/Freight image capture in all lighting conditions
  • Detect trailer & container capacity percentage for any size load
  • On-demand & automated event triggers
    • Such as trailer door open/door close images of cargo.
  • High capacity rechargeable 10 year battery (solar and/or hardwired)
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LANA Vision Unpacked

LANATM  Vision is a cargo occupancy sensor fusion platform consisting of two cameras and a Time-of-Flight ultrasonic sensor which provides improved cargo sensing capabilities where traditional ultrasonic-based cargo sensors fail to provide accurate cargo capacity utilization information. By implementing direct 3D imaging, LANATM Vision eliminates image noise from light and shadows increasing cargo measurement accuracy.

Additional Features

  • Embedded cellular and GPS antennas
  • Integrated high-precision GPS engine
  • 6600 mAh Rechargeable battery
  • Accelerometer and Motion Detector
  • Dual CAN Bus, One-Wire Bus
  • LTE Cat 4, Penta-band 3G, and GSM (with Dual SIM-Carrier support)
  • GNSS support: GPS/GLONASS
  • Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth 4.1 Radios
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Light Sensor, Temperature Sensor
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Use Cases

  • Trailers
  • Containers
  • Delivery Trucks

Addressing Various Market Verticals

  • LTL Brokers
  • Pharmaceutical Transportation
  • Insurance
  • High-value cargo transportation
    • Jewelry, Money, etc
  • Many More!
LANA Vision - Redefining Trailer Tracking

Door Sensor & Solar Panel

Enabling The Highest Level of Insight Into All of Your Cargo Activity

Door Sensor

LANA Vision’s cutting-edge door sensor is integrated to trigger data capture events.

Key Features Include

  • Up to 7 Year Battery Life
  • Replaceable AA Batteries
  • Bluetooth v4.1w/Internal BT Antenna
  • Accelerometer
  • Temperature Sensor
  • LED Status Indicators
  • Push-button
  • Optional Cradle

Solar Panel

An externally mounted solar panel is used to recharge the LANA Vision. It can also be combined with a vehicle power source as a secondary recharging method.

Key Features Include:

  • 14-Watt
  • Integrated cellular, WiFi, and GPS antenna
  • Easily applied with very high bond (VHB) tape