Enhance Your Scrap & Waste Operations!

  • Increase Productivity With Faster Turn Rates
  • Simplify Billing & Stop Disputes With Real-Time Data
  • Raise Your ROI By Maximizing Asset Utilization 

Boost Your Day-To-Day Operations

Scrap and waste management asset tracking solutions from CallPass eliminate ‘wasting’ any resources and require minimal effort from you for your business to receive the biggest returns from all your assets. 

We know that disposing of scrap and waste materials can be an extremely wasteful business at times, no pun intended. But when you don’t know where your, roll-off containers, dumpsters, bins, and dump trailers are it has a negative impact on your business operations, efficiencies, and bottom line. 

  • Say Good-Bye To Messy Spreadsheets & White Boards
  • Optimize Collections Efforts & Eliminate The Need For Yard Checks
  • Maximize Margins & Reduce Capital Expenses

Measurable Results For Scrap & Waste Experts

Controlling what might have been previously uncontrollable, avoiding theft, and maximizing efficiencies is now a breeze and can all be done from one screen. With a clear and accurate look at your yard or multiple yards from one screen, you can quickly increase the utilization of all your scrap & waste assets as you improve operational efficiency and reduce labor hours.

LANA Asset Top Features

 LANA™ Asset,  CallPass’s interactive & easy to use dashboard, touches every area of your business.

  • Easy-to-read configurable reports
  • Real-time live asset tracking
  • Cutting-edge mapping capabilities
  • Customized alerts & notifications
  • Many more…

CallPass Can Help You Manage Any Scrap & Waste Management Asset

LANATM Asset works seamlessly with all of our rugged asset trackers allowing you to optimize each asset you own.

Dump Trailers
Waste & Scrap Metal Bins
Dumpsters & Roll-Off Containers