Construction & Heavy Equipment Tracking for

Cranes, Telehandlers, and More

Know Where Your Equipment is
Every Minute of the Day

Keeping track of your cranes, telehandlers, and road rollers is a necessity in the construction world. Not knowing where your equipment is when you need it for a job can lead to a delay in your busy schedule. Using a GPS asset tracker for heavy equipment tracking ensures your equipment stays on the map and in your sights at all times.

Our CallPass construction asset tracking keeps your equipment in your control 24/7. Our LANATM Asset GPS tracking software lets you monitor location and arrivals on-site while sending you alerts for any change in your equipment’s daily routine.

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Real-Time Construction GPS Tracking

Our web-based user-friendly application lets you track your construction equipment no matter where you’re located and at any time—day or night. Receive texts and alerts the moment your equipment is on the move so you can keep a flawless schedule and run your business the way you want to.

Detailed Reports Keep You in the Know
  • Asset awareness reporting lets you quickly sort your construction equipment by location and geozone, so you maintain complete control of your inventory.
  • Access our detailed trip summary so you can easily monitor scheduled check-ins.
  • Immediate alerts let you stay notified of each equipment type or a chosen few.
  • Know immediately when the ignition is disabled and keep close tabs on your mileage throughout the day.

Keep Your Equipment in the Zone

Cloud-based geozones let you set a specific boundary around any landmark of your choice for customizable mapping. Device-based geozones let you send and receive texts instantly through wired assets. Looking to add more control to your zones? Nested geozones cut down on inventory search time by letting you create your own zone within a zone. Geozone crossing alerts notify you the moment your construction equipment has moved out of your zone so you can make quick decisions.

Detailed Construction Mapping
  • Live location tracking keeps your cranes, telehandlers, and more on the map for easy spotting.
  • On-demand tracking lets you keep tabs on your equipment no matter where it’s located. Access complete history for a certain time frame or your entire tracking period.
Stay on the Alert 24/7
  • Battery Voltage Alert – Never go below a certain battery voltage with real-time notifications and alerts to keep your equipment safely running.
  • Battery Disconnect Alert – If your GPS device becomes disconnected while in use, you find out immediately, so your equipment is always being tracked.
  • Motion Start/Stop Alert – Know when your equipment is on the go or has come to a complete stop with constant motion monitoring.

Top 3 LANA Benefits For Construction Equipment

  • Reduce Business Costs – Equipment tracking system combined with accountability reduces spend on new assets.
  • Improve Delivery Visibility – Historical data lets you look into routes and understand any sequence of events.
  • Track Engine Hours With real-time location updates, track, and measure engine runtime and time-on-site.
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