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Real-Time GPS Tracking for
Construction Equipment

In the heavy machinery industry, GPS tracking for construction equipment is vital now more than ever.  With valuable construction equipment connected to your business, it can be difficult to manage the location and utilization of your industrial generators, air compressors, and more right when you need them. One of the most commonly seen issues in the construction industry is keeping close tabs on your equipment at each different location.

CallPass equipment tracking devices allow you to maintain complete control over your construction equipment so you know where they are every minute of the day. Our innovative  LANA™ Asset, CallPass’s industry-leading asset tracking software efficiently monitors key metrics such as exact location and precise time on site, so you always know where your construction equipment is 24/7!

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Device Management

On-the-Go Construction Equipment GPS Tracking

LANA™ Asset Real-time GPS tracking for construction equipment is a fully web-based user-friendly application that is easily accessed no matter where you’re located. On-demand locating lets you quickly monitor GPS data with instant speed, location, and after-hours alerts to you via text or email.

Detailed Reports Keep You in the Know
  • Asset awareness reports let you easily sort and filter by geozone, location, and help reduce dormancy so you always know when your equipment is on and in use.
  • Stay up to date with an exclusive trip summary and easily monitor scheduled check-ins.
  • View engine hours report shows used engine hours for all equipment or only those in a specific date range.
  • Stay alert with up-to-the-minute alerts and notifications on all or select devices.
  • Know how many miles are put on your asset while keeping a close watch on any disabled ignition

Reduce Inventory Search Time

Make sure your construction equipment stays where you want it. Device-based geozones are designed specifically for wired equipment and let you receive email and text alerts. Cloud-based geozones let you create your own zone around any chosen landmark for higher accuracy. Build your zone within a zone to reduce inventory search time with nested geozones. Geozone crossing alert notifies you the moment your equipment has moved out of a designated space.

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Place Your Equipment on the Map
  • See your construction equipment with live location tracking while our history map lets you know where each piece has been.
  • Locate each piece of equipment with on-demand mapping so you never miss out on its exact location.
Stay Alert No Matter What
  • Battery Voltage Alert – Know when your construction equipment battery goes below a certain voltage with instant notifications, so the job is never stopped.
  • Battery Disconnect Alert – If your construction equipment GPS tracker is disconnected from your hardware, you’ll know immediately with our quick alerts.
  • Motion Start/Stop Alert – Stay on top of your construction equipment’s every move by knowing when it’s moving or when it’s come to a complete stop.

Top 3 LANA Benefits For Heavy Equipment

  • Improve Productivity – Faster turn rates skyrocket productivity.
  • Predict Profits Equipment tracking software provides location and usage tracking features so you can anticipate job costs.
  • Make Better Business Decisions Easily streamline the data needs of your staff to increase operational efficiencies.
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