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Dumpsters & Roll Off Containers

Keep Your Assets Right Where You Want Them

Quick and efficient asset tracking helps you easily manage your business plan. At CallPass, we’re here to help you monitor the location and usage of your dumpsters and roll-off containers whether you’re in the office or on the go. Before now, it’s been difficult to prevent theft and tampering when it comes to your assets. Now through CallPass, this is no longer the case. Prevent theft, get notifications, and access your information from anywhere with our leading-edge LANATM Asset  tracking software and GPS devices.

Dumpster Tracking
LANA Asset - Browsing Live Assets

Faster. Stronger. 24/7 Access

Easily implement and access our LANATM Asset web-based, user-friendly application that provides worldwide real-time tracking information straight to your computer or tablet. Asset tracking devices as small as your hand make concealment easy while tampering becomes difficult. Dust and water-resistant GPS tracking devices are built to withstand any kind of work environment allowing for uninterrupted smooth tracking.

Asset Awareness Report on Demand
  • Sort assets by location, type, geo-zone, and activity all with the easy click of a button.
  • Simple schedule monitoring lets you effortlessly manage and setup your check-ins.
  • Prevent theft and stay on track with expert alert reports to view all notifications for each device or a select few.
  • Know where your asset has been with our mileage report based on detailed GPS location data.
  • Learn how long your asset has been sitting with an accessible dwell and demurrage report.
Keep Your Assets on the Map
  • Live location tracking lets you manage delivery and receipt of assets while pinpointing exact locations in near-real-time.
  • Our innovative history map lets you visualize the complete history of an asset during a specific time frame from beginning to end.
Learn how to maximize your company’s productivity with CallPass’s advanced asset tracking software LANATM Asset.
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Know When Your Dumpster is on the Go

Our dumpster tracking software lets you monitor the location of any asset at any time. Gone are the days of sitting around waiting for a daily update. Log in via your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to instantly see the exact location of any roll-off dumpster. Motion Start/Stop Alert notifies you the moment your asset starts to move or comes to a complete halt.

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Stay in the Zone

Keep your dumpsters in the zone with cloud-based geozones that allow you to manage and monitor your asset’s location with easily designable boundaries. Nested geozones let you create in-depth details with our zone within a zone feature to greatly reduce inventory search time.

Complete Self-Powered Units
  • Solar-powered devices allow for up to 10 years of round-the-clock location tracking capabilities without the need to replace or recharge the batteries.

Stop Tampering in Its Tracks

Some asset tracking devices can be easily removed. This is never the case with CallPass’s innovative GPS tracking devices. Our devices are ruggedly designed to withstand not only the harshest of weather conditions but also the most cunning of users. Instantly receive notifications of tampering so you can maintain complete control of your assets and save money in the process.

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