Asset Tracking Solutions For Scrap and Waste Management

Waste & Scrap Metal Bins

Easy Access to Any Waste Bin, Anytime

Accurate location data means you can keep a better eye on the departure, arrival, and dwell time of each of your scrap bins. You no longer have to wait two weeks to see if they show up in your yard again. CallPass has the modern asset tracking devices to get the job done. Improve efficiency and provide higher-quality service to your customers when you use CallPass’s combo of rugged devices and advanced software.

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21st Century Asset Tracking

Asset tracking devices that are small enough to fit in your hand are easy to install and conceal on any scrap metal bin in your fleet. Get updated information on your waste bins through an easy-to-use online application that can be accessed from anywhere. Set up alerts so you always know what’s going on with your bins.

Custom Reports Whenever You Want Them
  • Filter and sort all your bins so you can narrow in on only the information you’re looking for.
  • Keep track of each bin’s location, zone, and active or parked status.
  • Identify underutilized scrap metal bins and reduce dormancy to increase efficiency.
  • Automatically check your yard’s inventory.
  • Monitor scheduled check-ins.
  • Get reports for all your alerts and notifications on each device.
  • View the current mileage of any asset.
  • Know immediately when a scrap bin has been sitting beyond contractual terms.

Controlling your inventory and increasing profit margins is easier with LANATM Asset advanced asset management technology.

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Set Your Own Zones

  • Cloud-based geozones give you the ability to specify an area around any shape landmark with any number of points. This gives you the highest level of accuracy when setting boundaries.
  • Nested geozones allow you to set a zone with a zone to reduce inventory search time in your bin tracking system.
See It All On The Map
  • Use the latest ping data to get a current location for your waste bins.
  • Capture a complete history of each bin’s location from the day you start tracking.
Alerts & Notifications for Whatever You Want to Know
  • Know immediately when a scrap bin is on the move to its next location.
  • Receive alerts when a bin has arrived or stopped moving.
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Circular Geo-Zone

Solar Powered Asset Tracking

Get up to 10 years of battery life with CallPass’s Solar Sense asset tracking devices. This 4G LTE Cat 1 device is about the size of a mini-tablet and has an IP 67 certification rating. These rugged devices are built to withstand anything you throw at them and keep on ticking.

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Roll-Off Tracking