Container GPS Tracking

  • Drastically Improve Your Supply Chain
  • Real-Time TEU/Container Tracking
  • Automated Yard Checks

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Increase Transit Cycle Times

For accurate and reliable asset tracking, trust CallPass. Our proprietary LANATM Asset platform’s tracking software delivers a full-service container GPS tracking solution that touches every area of your business, from dispatch to accounting, sales to service, customs, and compliance—we have it all! Our innovative cloud-based software provides a feature-rich environment to effectively manage your business making your job easier.

Container GPS Tracking

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Asset Monitoring Keeps You Updated
  • Pinpoint and manage the location of containers and bins arriving to and from ports, yards, suppliers, customers, and docking bays.
  • Built-in notifications alert you to arrival, departure, schedule deviations, and time on site.
Live Container Tracking
When You Need It
  • Find accurate locations in near-real-time and guide the shipment and acceptance of containers and bins.
  • Hardwired installation allows for always-on operation.
  • Search, sort, or group data to view by container type, make, and model. Enhance your asset utilization and understanding of how certain containers are being used by the same operator across multiple facilities.

Control Capital Costs and Increase Asset Visibility

Automated checks of your yard improve asset tracking by providing an up-to-date view of your facility. Give power to your dispatch, leasing, and overall operational management teams by making the most of your available assets and optimizing their use.

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From Start to Finish,
CallPass is There For You

Container and bin utilization are priority number one for your business. Container GPS tracking ensures that contracted containers and bins are where they need to be when they need to be there. Increase revenue and decrease loss exposure for your business by utilizing LANATM Asset, CallPass’s first-class tracking software.

Nested Geo’s
  • Set a zone within a zone to track container movement within your yard or customer yard.
  • Automate yard checks and reduce inventory search time.
Device-Based Geo’s
  • Receive SMS/email alerts for specific assets in your fleet.
Cloud-Based Geo’s
  • The advanced polygon technology allows you to set up geo-zones, landmarks, or cloud-based geos to enable improved asset tracking.
  • Manage and monitor containers and bins by designating appropriate boundaries and highlighting facilities for customers, suppliers, distributors, and more.
History Map
  • Utilize historical data to improve deployments and customer interaction by reviewing mapped data points, displaying visibility to all containers and bins.
  • Understand route deviations or disruptions through time-stamped location history.
Customize Reporting
  • Ability to manage and manipulate data in a format that fits your business.
  • Tailor reports, customize views, and export data to drive action items for your business.
  • Receive reports for scheduled check-ins, alerts, mileage, and dwell & detention.
Dwell & Detention
  • Know how long your Containers and Bins have been on-site versus your planned time on site
  • Manage billable hours above and beyond agreed contracted terms with 100% accuracy based on location dwell time and detention accrual.

Easy Reporting & Billing Means Higher Profits

Managing capital costs is half the battle. Ensuring containers and bins are being utilized and billed properly increases revenue and minimizes exposure. Increase revenue and improve billing by using LANATM Asset’s state-of-the-art reporting features.

Container GPS Tracking Devices for All That You Do

CallPass’ advanced GPS container tracking device (Solar Sense) is purposefully designed and sized to fit in the groove of a container. It is built and tested to withstand the roughest and harshest terrains of all your working environments for a 10-year lifespan. It installs within 5 minutes, has a solar-powered recharging battery, and a ruggedized exterior.

Container GPS Asset Tracking That Goes Wherever You Go!

Always stay in the know and in control of your containers even while you’re out of the office with our online asset tracking software (LANATM Asset) that is accessible via laptops and tablets from anywhere.  You can also opt to receive triggered email or SMS alerts in real-time for assets moving out of specific geo-zones/landmarks or assets being used without authorization.