Real-Time Trailer Tracking

  • Optimize Each Trailer You Own
  • One Advanced Platform. Every Trailer In Your Fleet.
  • Elevate Your Operational Efficiencies

Stay On Schedule No Matter What

When it comes to finding your assets, CallPass is the industry-leader in reliability and service. Track the assets that power your business from your office or on-the-go whether you’re at the opposite side of the city or across the country.

Our proprietary LANATM Asset trailer tracking software is a superior choice to give you confidence in managing your leased assets or simply getting a grasp of your trailer’s whereabouts no matter where you’re located.

LANATM Asset provides a near real-time view, productivity reports, and security to know where your trailers are at all times and make sure they get to the next location on schedule.

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Asset in Motion

Take Command of Your Trailers

It’s time to take control of the things that matter most with our innovative full visibility software. LANATM Asset gives you the ability to automate your day-to-day asset management and business operations.  With a clear and accurate look at your yard or multiple yards from one screen, you can quickly increase the utilization of your trailers,  improve operational efficiency, and reduce labor hours.

Up-to-the-Minute Asset Awareness Report
  • Know the details. Alert reports let you receive instant alert notifications of trailer arrival, departure, and owned or leased status.
  • Make life easier. Optimize trailer pools by identifying heavily used and idle trailers.
  • Monitor schedules and limit or manage dwell time while making critical business decisions daily
  • Find your team. Designate and manage multiple yards, both company and consumer-centric, all from your home or office.
  • Stay on track. By the minute mileage report tells you how many miles are put on the asset per day while dwell and detention report lets you monitor your asset’s billable usage hours.
Locate Your Trailers and Find Where They’ve Been with Easy Mapping
    • Live Location Tracking – Pinpoint exact locations in near-real-time and manage delivery and receipt of trailers
    • Locate on Demand – Find your assets on demand with a hardwired installation that keeps your assets always turned on.
    • History Map – View the complete history of an asset for a specific time frame from the very beginning.
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Minimize Risk & Protect Against Liability

When trailers are not accounted for, you need a reliable system to monitor and manage your assets for you—and you need it fast. In the event someone has taken your trailer, you want a recovery system in place so you can get your asset back quickly. Create real-time alerts with our wireless GPS Tracker solution to flawlessly detect and monitor any unauthorized or suspicious use so you’re on top at all times.

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Keep Your Trailers Secure with Cloud-Based Geo-Zones
  • Device-Based Geozones– Receive instant notification from wired assets allowing you to receive sms/email alerts on the go.
  • Cloud-Based Geozones– Seamlessly manage and monitor your trailer’s location by designating appropriate boundaries highlighting locations of note, such as drop yards, transfer centers, company yards, customer facilities, or ports.
  • Nested Geozones– Reduce inventory search time when you set a zone within a zone.
Battery Alert Notifications Keep You Connected at All Times
  • View real-time battery status of your trailer GPS tracker and wired connection to powered trailers.
  • Monitor trailer tracking power source battery level and be notified in the event of low or disconnected batteries.

Manage Leased Fleets

Our LANATM Asset GPS technology allows you to easily manage leased assets while offering innovative asset tracking solutions for your customers to help skyrocket their business growth. Use your company-level privileges to allow customers to have insight into their leased assets at the simple touch of a button.

Customizable Reporting
  • Easily manage customers’ driven data.
  • Provide instant visibility to your customers’ leased trailers
Device Management
  • Identify and tag trailers as leased or off-lease.
  • Store trailer information and the disposition of type, make, and model.
LANA Asset on Various Devices