Asset Tracking Solutions For Mobile Equipment

Tower Lighting, Scissor Lifts and More

Asset Tracking That Moves With You

Keeping track of your assets doesn’t have to only apply to vehicles. With our compact equipment tracking devices, you can keep track of all your mobile equipment, including tower lighting, scissor lifts, and more. Assets like these are more prone to theft due to their smaller size and mobility. Never worry about an asset disappearing from your work site when you have CallPass asset tracking devices installed.

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LANA Asset Tracking for Scissor Lift
LANA Asset

Top 3 LANATM Asset Benefits

  • Increased Visibility – Easily track the location of your tower lighting, scissor lifts, and other mobile equipment no matter where they are.
  • Increased Asset Utilization – Ramp up your ROI by identifying which assets could be better used instead of sitting idle.
  • Theft Prevention – Use set geo-zones and landmarks to outline safe areas and get immediate alerts when assets leave these zones.
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Superior Asset Tracking
with Geozones

  • On Each Device – For wired assets, set a geo-zone to the equipment GPS tracker and receive SMS or email alerts for just that device.
  • In the Cloud – Set your geozones based on landmarks you choose. Any type, any shape, any number of points. It’s all up to you. You’ll get the highest level of accuracy in each of your boundaries.
  • Nested – Create a geozone within a geozone so you can reduce the amount of time you spend searching your inventory.
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There’s a Map for That
  • Live Location Tracking – The latest pings from your equipment tracking devices show up on a map so you can see where each tower light, scissor lift, or other mobile equipment asset is located in real-time.
  • Locate On Demand – Find your hardwired GPS tracker for equipment on a construction site with always-on operation whenever you want or need it.
  • History Map – From day one of asset tracking installation, see the complete location history of any mobile equipment asset and narrow in on a specific time frame to get the most accurate data.
Keep On Top Of Your Mobile Equipment with Alerts & Notifications
  • Battery Disconnect – Know immediately when a device is disconnected from its mobile equipment while on power.
  • Battery Voltage – Receive a notification as soon as a battery goes below a certain voltage.
  • Geo-Zone Crossing – Be alerted to an asset’s movement outside of its designated geo-zone.
  • Start/Stop – Get a notice when your tower lighting starts to move or stops moving.

High-Quality Software Provides Strategic Reporting

  • Asset Awareness – Filter and sort your list of mobile equipment assets by type, location, geo-zone, and active or parked status. See which assets are idle and where they are so you can easily identify underutilized assets and reduce dormancy.
  • Events/Schedule Monitoring – Monitor periodic events including scheduled check-ins so you always know where your equipment is located.
  • Alerts – Receive instant alerts and notifications for all your equipment tracking devices, or just one at a time.
  • Mileage – Know how many miles are put on your mobile equipment assets per day based on the equipment GPS tracker’s location data.
Circular Geo-Zone