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5 Ways A Real-Time GPS Tracking Device For Your Assets Helps You Run an Efficient Fleet

By October 12, 2021Blog, LANA Asset
5 Ways A Real-Time GPS Tracking Device For Your Assets Helps You Run an Efficient Fleet

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As a business, you want to know where your assets are at all times so you can maintain an efficient fleet. However, not just any GPS asset monitoring hardware will do. You want a real-time GPS tracking device for all your assets that give you the full insights, so you know where your assets are at any time while protecting against theft and monitoring any and all movements along with boosting your productivity through peak utilization.

At CallPass, our LANA TM Asset Tracking Software gives you real-time tracking insight while providing customizable reporting and alerts. Now you can run your business the way you want to and always hold the pulse of your operations.

When it comes to installing a GPS tracking device to your powered and nonpowered equipment, you want a platform that goes beyond just location-based knowledge. If you can receive real-time data about the condition of your assets, this can help you improve the reliability of your company as a whole.

Here are five important ways the right real-time GPS tracking solution for your assets can help you run a more efficient, and profitable business:

Share Live Location GPS Tracking With Customers

Whether leasing out assets or managing freight loads on trailers; always hold the ability to manage your customers’ expectations and provide them the added value prop of always knowing where a particular asset is and when it should arrive at its destination.

This feature is key for running your business smoothly and keeping customers satisfied with accurate ETAs and simply providing greater transparency. With CallPass’ LANA Asset platform, you can share GPS location updates with your customers eliminating the need to go back and forth between your drivers and your customers.

When you share real-time data with your customers, this builds trust leading to a stronger and longer-lasting partnership.

Reduce Theft or Misplaced Assets With Customizable Geozones

To run a smarter business, you need to know where your assets are right now. Not every asset monitoring hardware can answer that question for you. CallPass’ real-time GPS tracking for any asset has an innovative platform that allows you to capture a holistic view of your operations. Combined with streamlined geozones, you can prevent theft and unauthorized use with direct SMS messaging and email alert notifications so you know when your assets are on the move!

Geozones allows you to be automatically alerted if your assets move across a preset boundary without your permission. This instant real-time access helps you make decisions quickly and keep your valuable equipment, trailers, and vehicles where you want them.

Be Prepared for Changing Conditions

Weather and traffic are something you can’t control, and these conditions result in delays in your fleet’s schedule. Real-time asset tracking puts you in command of any asset in transit so you can quickly respond to changing conditions and determine the best moves to keep your operations on schedule. Easily view traffic and weather updates and notify your dispatchers immediately so drivers can reroute and arrive at their destination safely.

Plan For Maintenance Accordingly With Advanced Asset Management Tools

To ensure your projects, supply chain, and operations, in general, are never impacted by machinery failures or any other preventative aspect that could halt your business adopting an advanced asset tracking platform to your assets enables you to become proactive rather than reactive when managing asset maintenance.

Software such as CallPass’s LANA Asset platform always you to do just that! Collecting real-time data on your assets allows you to plan for maintenance accordingly and make sure the bottom line is never impacted by sudden failures. LANA Asset makes it possible so that you never have to manually track mileage or engine hours, allowing you to craft out your own preventative maintenance schedules.

Improve Asset Maintenance

Dispatch Drivers Accordingly

When you don’t have a full view of your fleet, your scheduling can get tricky. Multiple phone calls between drivers and dispatchers can be time-consuming. Expedite your day-to-day task and raise your overall productivity through advanced asset tracking technology.

Utilizing a real-time GPS tracking device, you can make informed decisions and eliminate any lack of communication as you empower your operations and management teams with the tools they need to scale your business to its fullest potential.

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