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Controlling Your Assets

By March 22, 2019December 28th, 2021Blog, LANA Asset

CallPass’s Trailer-Tracking Software Defined

Your startup business may have had two or three vehicles out on the road in the past. Tracking them was a breeze. Fast forward to the present, and hundreds of vehicles are now moving around at breakneck speed. How can you keep track of every asset? The answer is clear with CallPass trailer-tracking software.

Keep track of each vehicle with today’s latest GPS technology. You gain the data and peace of mind that’s necessary for a successful business. Dive deeper into the software world so that you can understand why and how it can change your business practices. Saving time and money is the goal with trailer track software.

Understanding Trailer Tracking

What is trailer tracking in the first place? It’s the basic process of knowing where a trailer or chassis is positioned on Earth. The trailer might be parked overnight, moving along with a truck or being unloaded as you look up the data. The information that you gain comes from satellite communications with a small device installed on the asset. Your effort is confined to looking up the asset on your trailer track software.

You have access to core information that includes:

  • GPS coordinates or location
  • Historical data
  • Activity list

When you know what the trailer is doing in nearly real time, the company saves money. Maintenance schedules, payload volumes and much more can be accurately controlled. For these reasons, contacting CallPass with your asset information today will help you gain tighter control over a large fleet.

Exploring How the Trailer-Tracking System Works

Technology is always evolving in leaps and bounds. The same can be said for the trailer track software world. Although the hardware and software continue to improve, the basic setup remains the same.

To set up a tracking system, you need these items in place, such as:

  1. GPS-network connectivity
  2. Tracking-device hardware
  3. In-house or cloud-server database
  4. User access to software apps

With all of these components in place, you have a tracking system that keeps you continuously updated.

Speak with CallPass’s team to learn all about the latest devices for your future installation. We offer several variations on basic tracking.

A. Passive Trackers

Some companies don’t need all of the bells and whistles that come with GPS tracking. They want pure data after a delivery. Our passive variants on trailer tracking will work for your applications.

Install a tracker on your trailer. Send the vehicle out on a typical run. Pull the passive tracker’s data from the vehicle when it returns. Download it into your company computer. It gives you detailed information, including:

  • Driving route
  • Stops along the route
  • Mileage details

For the budget-minded business, passive trackers are a great way to break into the tracking world without a big investment.

B. Active Trackers

Big businesses need accurate data on locations now. Hundreds of assets move at once in various areas. You need active trackers from CallPass’s design team.

See the vehicle moving in near real time on your office computer. You’ll know if the driver is taking his or her allotted breaks and obeying the speed limit. Correct any problems in near real time to avoid loss or safety violations.

Active systems also have these features, including:

  1. Near Real-time weights-and-capacity information
  2. Door-activity logs

Knowing the Drawbacks to Traditional Trailer-Tracking Methods

There are a lot of assets to manage, depending on your industry. Consider an individual construction site. It has dozens of dozers, graders, tractor-trailers and more moving through the front gates. Traditional tracking methods are possible, but they have their drawbacks.

A company dedicates one employee to these tasks, such as:

  • Recording the trailers moving in and out of a property
  • Noting their individual payloads
  • Counting the time the trailers spend on the job

The work is tedious and accurate at the same time. However, the information is staggered. The employee documents this data, but it may not be available for a day or more. Near real-time information gives you power over the assets’ movements. For this reason alone, contacting CallPass’s team is the best way to improve your bottom line.

It’s important to look at the bigger picture when it comes to asset management. This dedicated employee might be useful in another position. Tracking devices take over the documenting work, which eventually saves you money and time. The initial investment of hardware and software pays for itself over the years. In the end, you’ll always know when an asset is in action or parked for several minutes as the job site continues to hum.

Tracking Your Trailers the Right Way

Every company wants to reduce costs, but without negatively impacting the product, service or delivery. Checking out our demo page is a simple way to experience tracking trailer software.

You may not realize how much data you’re missing by sticking to manual tracking. Explore how you can document your assets the right way with CallPass’s services today:

A. Reduced Downtime

If you’ve ever dealt with a poor trailer-to-tractor ratio, telematics is your answer. You know where each truck and trailer are located as well as their trajectories. Schedule deliveries and switch trailers with ease. No trailer or tractor should sit idle for too long. You lose out on critical profits with long dwell times.

B. Maintenance Costs Drop

Stop being reactive to your trailers’ repair schedules. Active tracking tells you how many miles have passed since a previous maintenance service. Schedule the trailers for preventive maintenance when they aren’t in high demand. You’ll even know engine hours on the tractors, which tell you if you’re getting the most out of your fleet.

C. Geofencing

Set a perimeter on your assets so that misuse and theft are easily controlled. Receive alerts on your system if the tractor is significantly late or off course. Ask our CallPass’s team about your system options.

D. Door Safety

Reduce theft by knowing when the doors open or close.

Implementing Trailer Tracking With CallPass Software

Trailer track software is much more than just an asset counter. Advance your company’s productivity levels, decrease costs and gain more time for those critical projects. Time may be relative, but there’s more of it when you partner with CallPass’s software and team behind it.

Picking the right tracking system gives you control over your assets. Learn all about the highlights right here:

1. Enhance Your Asset Visibility

Whether you’re in the office or in the field, track your assets in near real time. Look at specific time frames too. The data is at your fingertips.

Visibility increases with these functions, such as:

  • Setting up minute-by-minute updates on moving assets
  • Activating geofencing to narrow down your monitoring or search
  • Controlling access to the trailers
  • Dispatching your employees more efficiently to the tractors and trailers

2. Stored Trailer Safety

Trailer track software also tells you the telemetry of stored assets, including when they’re accessed and at what times. Reduce theft and know when assets are accessed for everyday needs with CallPass’s software.

3. Site Analysis

Control asset movements, speed and rotations with accurate tracking. You’ll get more work done with the near real-time data. Patterns emerge with the assets’ movements, which only help you organize each workday. Time and money are saved with just the information being downloaded into a user-friendly file. There’s no manual, number crunching anymore.

4. Internal and External Transparency

Know where each asset is in case of any losses, such as breakdowns. Every operator is accountable for their asset. No improper billing processes will occur because the operating hours are pulled directly from the tracking devices. Both operators and customers know how long an asset has been in use. Your payloads are even controlled on a more accurate level, which translates to lower costs and higher profits than before.

Every company needs a clear pathway toward success. CallPass software gets you there with clear data and ROI maximization. Learn how you can increase your efficiency without sacrificing safety or customer service. Contact CallPass today to see what our technology can do for your bottom line!


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