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Fleet Dash Cams Protect Your Bottom Line

Fleet Dash Cam

Fleet dash cameras have become so important, they may soon become a requirement by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association. This may not come as a surprise to the many carriers that are already using this technology, especially since costly crash verdicts are making news headlines.

Although there are many on the market to choose from, having a more robust dash cam in place with a powerful fleet management platform to back it up is a smarter choice.

LANA Cam - Fleet Dash Cam

Exonerate Drivers in Accidents or Disputes

It’s common for those involved in an accident and nearby witnesses to be emotional after the incident due to the rush of adrenaline they are experiencing. However, this can make it difficult to remember exactly what happened, and can lead to false accusations.

Having video evidence of the accident can not only help to jog memories, but it can also help to prove some witness statements incorrect, therefore relieving drivers of the responsibility. This helps maintain accurate driver records and avoid unnecessary insurance claims.

Determine Who is at Fault

Having a fleet dash camera running for the entire day means you can more accurately identify the cause of an accident and determine if your driver was at fault. Most drivers display good driving behavior a majority of the time. However, if it’s determined that your driver was at fault, you have unbiased evidence to manage the liability. This can help reduce costs from an insurance claim and make the legal process faster, therefore reducing legal fees as well.

Easily Accessible Data

A complete fleet tracking solution, such as CallPass’s LANA Fleet Video Platform, can give you 24/7 access to video footage, whether you need to verify something with your driver or provide evidence in court. With critical event notifications, you can access the fleet dash cam footage in real-time to see what’s happened and respond accordingly. Whether it’s a full collision, sideswipe, near miss, or breaking glass, you can take action to ensure driver safety and get details about the incident.

First-Class Fleet Management Platform

Faster Response Times

The faster you can respond to an accident, the faster you can gather facts, verify service, or ensure policy or safety compliance. The LANA Fleet Video Platform quickly sorts through hours of footage to notify you immediately when a critical event occurs. With this quick response, you can provide the necessary assistance in record time without overspending.

Not only does this provide much-needed information right when you need it, you also have historical data to reinforce any claims. Fleet Managers can access any critical event that happened to a driver within minutes and also review the complete history of prior events tied to each vehicle all from the LANA Fleet platform.

See How Much You Can Save

Combine the power of fleet dash cameras with the LANA Fleet Video Platform for a full view of all your vehicles. To learn more about how this can work for you, contact us to ask questions or request a demo via the form on this page. Protect your drivers & your bottom-line today!

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