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How Dumpster GPS Tracking Can Save You Thousands

Dumpster GPS Tracking Can Save You Thousands

First-Class GPS Tracking Protects Your Bottom Line

Did you know, the United States Postal Service spends an average of nearly half a million dollars each month on idle trailers? Although your facility might not have quite as large of a fleet as the USPS, you can still be losing a significant amount of money on idle time. This even applies to dumpsters and roll-off containers no matter what industry you are in from scrap and waste to construction or even if you rent your dumpsters and containers to private homeowners. Here are a few ways dumpster GPS tracking can help you save thousands of dollars each month.

Dumpster Tracking

Recover Missing Assets

A missing dumpster or roll-off container can cost you thousands of dollars to replace, plus the cost of legal fees if you need to take someone to court for theft. When this happens frequently, you can end up losing a lot of money. By adding dumpster tracking devices to your equipment, you are better able to locate your items and ensure they don’t go missing or get stolen. Keeping these items in the rotation is how you avoid spending money on things you don’t need.

Reduce Idle Time

Having a dumpster or roll-off container sitting idle somewhere means you aren’t able to turn it around and use it elsewhere. This can cost you money in the form of missed opportunities. With roll-off container tracking, you can easily locate your equipment and get it back to your yard and ready for the next job quickly and easily. A highly optimized yard or fleet leads to a more efficient business. And since we all know that time equals money, we know that less idle time can help you double your profits without spending a dime to do so.

Provide Accurate Billing

Billing errors and inconsistencies can lead to a huge loss of revenue that you might not even realize. When someone says that they had your dumpster or roll-off container for 7 days, so you charge them for 7 days, but it was actually 10 days, then you’re losing 3 days of profit. By adding dumpster GPS tracking, you can confirm how long a customer was in possession of your equipment, so you can accurately charge them for the time. This also means you have a solid record of its use in case the client wants to dispute it.

Take Control of Your Dumpster Tracking

A dumpster GPS tracking solution can not only help you keep more of your money by avoiding replacement equipment costs and legal fees, it can also help you earn even more every month by optimizing your fleet usage. CallPass offers rugged and tamper-resistant GPS tracking devices along with on-demand and real-time tracking with alerts through our innovative software dashboard, LANA Asset, which you can access from any desktop, laptop, or tablet. This constant availability keeps you informed and alerted anytime you need it.

To learn more about CallPass’s dumpster tracking devices and LANA Asset software, please contact us today by filling out the form and we will get back to you right away! We would love to show you how well our solutions can work for your facility.

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