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Introduction to Asset Tracking for Trailers

By July 15, 2020February 25th, 2021LANA

Every manager knows you can’t afford to lose track of your trailers whether they’re in transit or sitting in an unknown yard. Being active in transport means you face a daily challenge of managing your trailers as efficiently as possible. Since having visibility on your trailers means improving your costs and making sure each job is complete, you want to implement a trailer tracking solution as soon as possible. Asset tracking for trailers gives you an immediate overview of your entire trailer fleet, so you can increase asset utilization while protecting against unauthorized use.

What is a Trailer Tracking Application?

To begin, you need to know exactly what trailer tracking is to better understand the benefits. CallPass provides a seamless trailer tracking application that lets you power your business from your office or on the go. The beauty of a good trailer tracking application means you can keep tabs on your trailers from the opposite side of the city to the opposite side of the country.

Full-powered trailer tracking gives you the confidence to know right where your trailers are with a near real-time view, productivity reports, and complete security. Trailer GPS tracking lets you track the position and complete usage of your trailers through an attached device keeping them on schedule.


To know where your trailers are day or night, it’s important to equip them with an asset tracking solution. At CallPass, our advanced asset tracking solutions for trailers provide a reliable system to monitor and manage your assets for you.  Some of our features include:

  • Secure Geo-Zones: Device-based geo-zones are designed to keep your trailers secure with instant notifications received through SMS/email alerts. Cloud-based geo-zones let you manage and monitor your trailer’s location with your own highlighted boundaries. Meshed geo-zones take it one step further letting you create a zone within a zone.
  • 24/7 Customizable Awareness Reporting: A good trailer equipment tracking system tells you right where your assets are located. A great GPS tracker for trailers gives you complete control. Asset reporting lets you receive instant alert notifications of your trailer’s arrival, departure, and owned or leased status. Easily monitor your trailers’ schedule and dwell time with the touch of a button and designate and manage multiple yards all at once.
  • Easy Mapping: Locate your trailers, but also see where they’ve been. Features such as live location tracking, locate on-demand, and history mapping let you manage delivery and receipt of trailers and view their complete history or a specific time frame without ever leaving the office.
  • Battery Alerts: You never want your GPS tracker to die on you, so an asset tracking system that lets you view your battery’s status is a must. Notifications let you know the moment your battery is low or disconnected so you can keep on track.

Our asset tracking experts spend time learning all the particulars of your business model then help tailor the platform to alert you to exceptions/violations of those particular business rules automatically.

Solar Sense Asset Tracker on Dry Van


Your trailer and its cargo are a valuable asset to your company. That’s why it’s important to know where your assets are at any given moment to continue running an efficient operation. The right equipment tracking system can do just that. Whether you have a few trailers or a large fleet, tracking multiple trailers can be time-consuming and if you make an error, your whole operation is thrown off.

A trailer GPS tracker gives you immediate location detail and other critical information with lightning-fast data. The ability to customize your asset tracking to fit your company and employ innovative features gives you complete control of your company and helps you get your job done as stress-free as possible.

Contact CallPass Today to Start Tracking

Your trailers are a huge part of your company and you want to minimize risk and protect against liability as much as you can. CallPass is an industry leader in reliability and service in the asset tracking industry and we’re here to help you take complete control of your assets right now.

Contact us today at (727) 324-1428 or complete the form below to request a free demo and see how the right trailer tracking solution can change the way you do business.