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The Importance of Dash Cams for Taxi Companies

By September 16, 2021September 17th, 2021LANA Fleet
Taxi driver uses dash cam to monitor passenger behavior

Empowering Taxi Companies With Advanced Technology

Dashboard cameras for commercial use have become increasingly popular. They’ve proven to be helpful in a variety of situations from legal, to personal, to insurance. If you’re still on the fence about giving up some of your driver’s and passenger’s privacy in the name of safety, here are a few reasons you could benefit from stepping over that line.

Better Driver Behavior

It’s sad but true; people behave better when they know they are being watched. Not that you suspect any of your drivers are engaging in poor driving habits, but if they know they are being videotaped while driving, they’re likely to become better drivers. Texting, eating, smoking, and talking on the phone are all common things we do in our cars. However, when your vehicles, drivers, and passengers are at risk, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

More Cooperative Passengers

While the dashboard camera is watching the driver, it is also watching the passengers. Not only does this help ensure your passengers are on their best behavior, it can also help keep your drivers safe. In the event a rude, inebriated, or violent passenger enters the vehicle, you have video evidence of the exchange and can call for help for your driver or use it in court.

Evidence for Legal Cases

If you ever need to go to court, either to defend your driver or prove a passenger was behaving inappropriately, you can build a strong case with video footage. This information can prove, without a doubt, what actually happened in the vehicle. In a stressful event such as a car accident, memories can get fuzzy over time and details of the event can get changed. This makes it hard to prove what happened and who is at fault. With dash cams, you have irrefutable evidence.

Evidence for Insurance Claims

Not all incidents end up in court. For more minor accidents, you only have to prove fault to the insurance company. Just as video evidence can provide irrefutable evidence in court, it can also work for insurance claims. Dash cams can capture the actions of your driver, as well as the other parties involved. When stories don’t match up, and memories fail, dashboard cameras can show exactly what happened.

Safety vs. Privacy

Some passengers and drivers might say that dashboard cameras infringe on their privacy rights. Although this may be true, it’s a small price to pay for the increased level of safety. These feelings are less dominant in the younger generations who grew up with less privacy than older ones, so they’re more willing to participate in these technological changes.

Upgrade Your Taxi Fleet with Dash Cams

Dash cams can be useful for a variety of reasons. Having one in each vehicle of your fleet helps give a holistic picture of your drivers’ capabilities and weaknesses. CallPass prides itself on delivering a first-class dash cam fleet management solution, LANA Fleet, that allows you to manage each of your taxis from one complete platform. Always prove what ACTUALLY happened 24/7/365 to protect your drivers and your bottom line!

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  • 24/7 Security Protection
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The information you acquire from implementing a platform such as LANA Fleet enables you to better optimize your drivers and vehicles to have fewer expenses and more profits. Contact CallPass today by clicking the button above to learn more about adding this technology to your business.


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