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Top 4 Ways To Fight Rental Equipment Theft

By June 4, 2021July 1st, 2021LANA Asset
Fight Rental Equipment Theft With CallPass

Secure Your Rental Equipment To Protect Your Bottom-Line

Construction equipment theft has been a major problem for decades! On average, over $1 billion of equipment is stolen each year.

Thieves find this equipment to be easy to steal because it is often unattended, lacks a VIN, title, or registration, and can have a universal ignition system. The thieves can then pretend to be rental companies or from equipment storage areas and try to sell the equipment or parts while unattended. Although it’s impossible to stop people from stealing equipment, you can at least try and deter them and make it easier to recover your stolen property.

LANA Asset Tracking for Scissor Lift

1. Rental Equipment GPS Tracking

Rental equipment GPS tracking devices are your first line of defense against stolen property or those who have gone beyond their lease dates. By placing one of these small devices on each piece you own, you can track their location in real-time. The best devices will be small, yet durable, to deter tampering. Solar-powered devices can last up to 10 years without having to worry about battery life. They can even allow you to monitor equipment performance and operator use to better gauge when it’s time for maintenance.

2. Equipment Management Software

Paired with the first-class hardware, rental equipment GPS tracking works best when backed up by asset management software. For each device, you are able to input several pieces of information about the equipment including: make, model, unique serial/VIN numbers, who’s using it, and which location it’s assigned to be at. The ability to manage all of your assets on one advanced platform will thoroughly enhance your operations and overall asset management.

3. Establish Customizable Real-Time Alerts

Although you’re not always with your assets, it can feel that way with in-the-moment alerts that immediately notify you of unauthorized use. Combating theft seems like a breeze with the ability to establish customizable geozones for each asset, such as those provided by CallPass’s LANA Asset Platform. If your rental equipment leaves its designated zone, you will receive direct alerts with an email, text, or both, if you choose. This enables you to take swift action in recovering lost or stolen assets.

4. Historical Data When You Need It

In the event that a trailer or other asset goes missing, you have easy access to its record and full transportation history through CallPass’s leading software. If you need to take this information to the police, a lawyer, or a courtroom, it can be pulled up on any device with internet access and viewed by anyone that needs to know the whereabouts of your asset. This helps you easily locate and recover your assets, as well as prove fault in a court case, if needed.

Keep Your Rental Equipment Safe

Rental equipment GPS tracking and software is the best way to prevent theft and recover stolen property. When combined with the above tactics, you have a nearly foolproof plan to maintaining control over your yard, fleet, and more. Contact CallPass today by filling out the form listed to learn more about how we can help you fight rental equipment theft and increase your overall operational efficiencies.

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