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Why Fleets Should Add Dash Cams to Their Fleet Management

By June 11, 2021October 5th, 2021Blog, LANA Fleet
Why Your Fleet Needs A Dash Cam

Protect Your Commercial Drivers & Fleets With First-Class Technology

There are many tools you use to ensure your drivers are safe on the road. Even with this attention to care, many fleet managers are hesitant to install dashboard cameras in their trucks. Their primary concern is that the camera will capture footage that could be damaging to the driver or trucking company in the event of a lawsuit. Although this is understandable, the majority of professional drivers are very good at what they do, so it’s rare that an accident is the sole fault of the truck driver.


Installing dash cams in your fleet’s vehicles can bring a major advantage to your overall fleet management. Here are a few of the top reasons to consider this technology.

Severity of Injuries

In accidents involving tractor-trailers, it is common for the other party to be injured. This is especially true if the other party is driving a personal vehicle instead of a larger commercial vehicle. However, those injuries may be exaggerated in the courtroom to show evidence that they deserve compensation for hospital bills and time off from work. With dash cam footage, you can see those involved in the accident as well as police and emergency personnel responding to the collision. If the injured party is shown to be clearly and easily walking around the scene, then you have evidence that their injuries are not as bad as they are claiming them to be.

Weather Conditions

If you must go to court to defend your driver, the details of that day may become a little fuzzy over time. Of course, there is always recorded historical data for that day’s weather, but you can’t know exactly how that affected road conditions. If the sun was at such an angle that it was glaring in the driver’s eyes, it can be difficult to see roadblocks ahead and prepare for them. In the winter, snow blowing across the road makes it very difficult to see painted lines and other vehicles, especially during an emergency situation. Your dash cam footage can show exactly what the weather was like and how this affected driving conditions.

Driver’s Actions

When the other party claims that your driver made no attempt to prevent the accident, your dash cam footage can be your evidence. These cameras can keep track of the vehicle’s speed, which can indicate slowing down prior to a collision. They can also show if the driver attempted to swerve out of the way of a stopped vehicle or negate claims that your driver was watching a video or texting on their phone instead of paying attention to the road.

Insurance Fraud

Especially during poor economic times, insurance claims skyrocket. Sadly, many of these are cases of fraud where one party attempted to cause an accident with another party in order to secure money from the insurance claim. Your dash cam footage can show if another driver purposefully swerved in front of your truck or slammed on the breaks to incite a collision.

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