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4 Ways Asset Tracking Can Benefit Mobile Equipment

By December 17, 2020February 26th, 2021LANA
asset tracking for mobile equipment

asset tracking for mobile equipment

Are you aware of the many benefits of an asset tracking platform?

Understanding the true value that an advanced asset tracking application can have on your mobile equipment and operations is essential. When you partner with CallPass for your asset tracking needs, you receive some of the most high-tech tracking equipment devices available today, along with access to our proprietary LANA Asset software for asset monitoring.

With LANA Asset, you’ll instantly receive access to all of your equipment, no matter where it’s located. Never again will you have to worry or wonder where mobile equipment is, whether that’s arrow boards, generators, tower lights or anything else.

However, before you begin shopping for an asset tracking system, your focal point should be on having a clear and concrete understanding of what your tracking needs are. This will help to better determine what you need to search for during the buying process, allowing your business operations to run much more efficiently.

Below are a few items you should consider when searching for the right asset tracking platform and device for mobile equipment:

What to know When Choosing a Trailer Tracking Platform

At CallPass, our proprietary LANATM Asset trailer tracking software is designed to put you in charge and give you complete confidence and control when managing each trailer you own. When choosing an asset tracking platform for trailer tracking, you want to look for one that includes the following advanced features:

Unauthorized Use & Theft

The advancements made in asset tracking technology have brought an enormous sense of security to equipment manager. They can secure, recover, and track their assets with ease. With an effective asset tracking system in place, managers know exactly where their mobile equipment is located at all times. It’s never been easier to see which pieces of equipment are on the road or in the yard, as they can instantly be tracked.


The LANA Asset platform easily prevents theft and unauthorized use through immediate alerts and notifications triggered by set geozones. By using geozones, assets are much less likely to disappear. If they do, you will have all the location data required to provide validating reports to insurance companies and the authorities.


Along with the benefit of a heightened sense of security, fleet managers are able to save a substantial amount of time, resources, and overall productivity by being able to effectively track their assets when they’re on the road. To determine where a particular asset is, all a fleet manager has to do is refer to their asset tracking software. This helps provide the customer with a much more efficient timeframe for when they can expect their mobile equipment to arrive and also allows your operations team to perform quicker turn rates!

Suppose the equipment has hit an unexpected delay before it makes its destination or is set up at the wrong location – LANA Asset enables the fleet manager to easily check in on the whereabouts and status through asset tracking and thus take the proper measures to deal with the delay as needed to ensure that this is nothing more than a slight hiccup.

Reduce Detention & Dwell

If your business leases out your mobile equipment, the ability to reduce detention can have a drastic effect on your bottom line. With multiple clients and locations where your valued equipment may be located, ensuring proper billing can be a hassle!

The advanced LANA Asset platform allows you to eliminate the days of whiteboards, clipboards, and spreadsheets with first-class reporting features that will simplify your billing, stop disputes, and properly bill for the time that an asset has been onsite.

Improved ROI

Reduce your spending on new assets by taking advantage of the equipment that’s currently in your fleet. The ability to fully manage each asset you own avoids prolonged dormancy and ensures your assets are being utilized properly. The return on investment on your current assets is also heightened by monitoring their health and security. Through advanced reporting, such as LANA Asset’s engine hours report, you can keep tabs on usage and be preparede with maintenance and service so that your equipment or bottom line never take a hit.

Simply tracking the asset is just one piece of the fleet management puzzle. Ensuring proper care of the entire fleet, along with utilizing all your assets can be a challenge. CallPass can help provide solutions every step of the way, allowing you to spend your time and energy focusing on the vast array of other parts of your business’s day-to-day operations.

First-Class Asset Tracking from CallPass

To request a demo and learn more about our asset tracking platform, contact CallPass today or fill out the form below to get started and fully maximize your mobile equipment.