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CallPass Celebrates National Logistics Day

June 28th We Recognize & Appreciate The Importance of the Logistics Industry!

Although the concept of logistics has been around for centuries, a national day of recognition was only first introduced in 2019. Especially in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the transportation, shipping, and logistics companies across the world are worthy of the recognition. They have worked hard to ensure PPE and vaccines are delivered to where they are needed and that our country can keep running. Today, CallPass wants to share some of the history behind the logistics industry and what we’re doing to support it every day of the year.

Dry Van With Solar Sense

The Early Days

You could say that logistics has its root all the way back in the late 1200s when Marco Polo traveled to China on the Silk Road. Between 1271 and 1295 he traveled from Europe to China, all the while recording details about the culture and the ways things work in those countries. This information helped future tradesmen succeed in their business dealings with these otherwise unknown cultures.

New Ways of Travel

Fast forward to 1896 when the “horseless carriage” now known as a semi-truck was invented. This enabled drivers to carry larger loads with them, therefore improving efficiency in moving goods across the country.

Just 14 years later, in 1910, the first air cargo flight took place between Dayton and Columbus, Ohio. They carried 10 bolts of fabric across 65 miles in 71 minutes.

In 1956, the first container ship sailed from New Jersey to Texas, further solidifying America’s ability to export, import, and trade with other countries and continents.

Modern Day Logistics

These early explorations and technological advancements paved the way (literally!) for modern-day transportation and logistics. Today, 8% of everything we make and sell in the United States comes from logistics expenses, including packaging, warehousing, shipping, and more. The third-party logistics industry is worth $800 billion. They help us create and move everything from food and clothing to furniture and cars across the country.

How CallPass Helps the Logistics Industry

Keeping track of all those semi-trucks and container ships is a big job, but it’s important to know where your cargo is at all times. CallPass offers first-class platforms that help those in the logistics industry maximize their operations. The LANA Asset platform delivers cutting-edge trailer tracking technology offering a full suite of features. Secondly, LANA Fleet, CallPass’s premier fleet dash cam video platform, aims at protecting both your drivers and your fleet of trucks/vehicles. These platforms are paired with a variety of first-class hardware options that meet your assets and business’s unique situation.

CallPass’s latest product release that will have a major impact on the logistics industry is LANA Vision (Pictured), an advanced tracker & cargo monitor, captures real-time images of cargo inside your trailers & containers allowing you to maximize trailer volume and boost profitability. Make better use of your fleet by fully loading each trailer, reducing asset dwell time, and never losing sight of a trailer or its cargo. Easily plan scheduled maintenance with alerts that let you know when it’s the right time. LANA Vision revolutionizes your haul management to give you a clear view of your cargo from day one of installation.

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Prioritizing your freight operations by utilizing platforms and hardware such as those provided by CallPass allow your operations to flourish. The information provided helps you create a more efficient fleet, make better business decisions, and fully optimize your assets and fleets. Contact us today by filling out the form listed to learn more about how these technologies can work for your business!

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