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CallPass Receives 2021 IoT Evolution Asset Tracking Award

Award Winning LANA Vision

LANA Vision Honored for Excellent Innovation in Burgeoning Internet of Things Market Segment

Clearwater, FL (August 23rd, 2021) — CallPass a leading provider of commercial IoT solutions for asset tracking and fleet tracking announced today that its  LANATM Asset and LANATM Vision, the game-changing trailer tracking & cargo monitoring solution, has received a 2021 IoT Evolution Asset Tracking Award from IoT Evolution magazine, the leading publication covering the Internet of Things movement.

LANA Asset & LANA Vision Redefines Trailer Tracking

This powerful solution addresses a crucial gap in the supply chain for cargo/freight transportation and logistics providers, shippers, and supply chain stakeholders to gain greater visibility and insight into their freight with real-time images, alerts, and updates.

The LANATM Asset and LANATM Vision duo gives you the intelligence you need on trailer capacity volume and cargo visibility to make better business decisions quickly and stay connected to your trailers/containers and cargo at every step of the logistics journey.  This solution is suitable for businesses across a multitude of different industries that are looking to supercharge their operations with:

  • High-Value Asset Management
  • High-Value Cargo Monitoring
  • Trailer and Container Management

“LANA Vision is one of the most exciting products on the market, were not providing an ROI to the customer they are giving it to us immediately, there are so many ways this solution is set to revolutionize trailer tracking and freight management.” – Jason Ashton President/CEO – CallPass

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LANA Vision Top 2 Benefits

Haul Management

Instantly Know Trailer Space Utilization. LANATM Vision uses a time-of-flight ultrasonic sensor and dual cameras to analyze trailer capacity/fullness by volume and provides in-trailer images of loaded cargo as proof in real-time.

Cargo Monitoring

LANA Vision automatically captures real-time images triggered by key events such as trailer stops, or door opens and closes. So that you can compare manufacturer load plans with actual shipper capacity. Identify when cargo has been packed and/or loaded incorrectly by shippers and provide image proof to improve theft prevention.

LANA Vision enables you to maximize trailer revenue potential and get a higher payload with less. Learn more about the full features and benefits.

LANA Vision

“It is my pleasure to recognize CallPass with an IoT Evolution Asset Tracking Award for its continued innovation,” said Carl Ford, CEO & Community Developer for IoT Evolution. “As a leader in this rapidly evolving industry, I look forward to seeing CallPass’s future successes.”

About CallPass

CallPass is a leading provider of commercial IoT solutions for Asset Tracking and Fleet Tracking.  Our mission is to provide cutting-edge, reliable, and impactful end-to-end solutions to help the companies that power our economy to maximize their business operations and profitability through increased productivity, efficiency, and safety.

CallPass’s growing portfolio of IoT and AI solutions include easy-to-use cloud-based software platforms and best-in-class hardware that brings real-time visibility, analytics, automation, reports, and more to operations.

We service a broad spectrum of industry verticals and businesses from emerging companies to Fortune 500 enterprises. More information regarding CallPass is available at

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