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Customer Case Study: Custom Pine Straw

By January 10, 2021August 10th, 2021Case Studies, LANA Asset
Custom Pine Straw Asset Tracking

How Increasing utilization and Productivity of Custom Pine Straw's High Value Assets Elevated their Operations

Who is Custom Pine Straw?

Since 1997, Custom Pine Straw has long been known for providing exceptional and dependable dry/box freight hauling services almost anywhere across the continental United States.

Headquartered in northern Florida, Custom Pine Straw operates primarily as a wholesale producer and vendor of pine straw, who also offers backload freight, backhauls, return-load, and dry storage services to and from Florida. Due to their convenient location, Custom Pine Straw is able to provide overnight delivery for their customers throughout the southeast.

Custom Pine Straw has built a strong line of customer trust in part to their superior-quality product, on-time delivery, and professional service. However, as the company continues to grow, there has become a growing need to mitigate a certain business risk – with an emphasis on effectively scaling costs.

Finding a Cost-Effective Asset Tracking Solution

All of Custom Pine Straw’s fleet of tractors, trucks, and trailers are maintained from their central location in High Springs, FL. While their tractors and trucks are equipped with GPS asset tracking, their 900 un-powered trailers were not. This was a paramount issue for Custom Pine Straw that presented the business concerning risks, leaving them with a sense of unease and worry.

Addressing Custom Pine Straw’s Foremost Trailer-Tracking Needs:

  • Find a cost-effective asset tracking solution that fits their budget.
  • Successfully understand how long their trailers have been at any location.
  • Dependable and durable battery-powered GPS tracking system for their un-powered assets.
  • Programmed alerts for unscheduled asset movements to assist in loss prevention.

The Needle In the Pine Stack

After participating in demos with several solution providers one asset tracking solution stood out from the rest- LANATM Asset from CallPass, LLC.

LANATM Asset is a critical service for companies managing intermittently powered and non-powered assets. LANATM Asset, which stands for Locate-Analyze-Notify-Act is an advanced asset tracking, SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that provides business owners with robust, near real-time reporting.

Custom Pine Straw invested in CallPass’s complete platform LANATM Asset to increase operational efficiency, guarantee overnight delivery to its customers, maximize revenue per load, and prevent theft/loss.

Before Custom Pine Straw found CallPass, handling their massive inventory of trucks and trailers was a struggle. From trailers that were missing, stolen or simply misplaced, keeping track of their daily whereabouts was costing the company precious time and money. If a trailer was picked up by one driver and moved to another location, but failed to get recorded in the system, Custom Pine Straw spent extra time and energy locating it. That’s when they knew they needed an asset tracking solution that could provide everything they needed to help identify where each trailer is, how long it’s been there, and how it got there.

When Custom Pine Straw first tried CallPass’ LANA asset tracking, they immediately saw the advantages it had to offer. With two different ways to view the screen, the team could see an actual live map while simultaneously viewing company names, logos, and where the driver is going. Information such as when the trailer arrived and current location made their trailer and asset tracking a breeze.

“For businesses similar to ours, if you’re not using CallPass your wasting money and time as well”

EJ JohnsonGeneral Manager of Custom Pine Straw.

Never again would the team wonder where the trailer was and if they were going to be on time or not. Reporting was simple. If someone on the team needed to know a particular delivery location or the exact spot a specific trailer was in at that very moment, LANATM Asset offered easy reports for real-time access.

  • Platform: LANATM Asset
  • Device: Solar Sense – Solar Powered Asset Tracker
  • Asset Type: 900+ Unpowered Trailers
LANA Asset on Various Devices

An Asset Tracking Solution for Every Part of the Business

What made LANATM Asset perfect for an operation like Custom Pine Straw was it was easily inserted in every aspect of the business.

Accounting took advantage of LANATM Asset’s many features to make weekly payroll now a seamless operation. The asset tracking software allowed them to pay each person for every trailer loaded and verify the pickup and field so no mistakes were made. The platform was also used in the sales department as each trailer load that was delivered was confirmed by looking through LANATM Asset.

CallPass’ asset tracking platform was also used in the freight department to let the team know where the trailers were at any time. Whether a driver picked up an empty or loaded trailer, or a trailer needed to be identified in an out of town location, the team could find it at the click of a button.

The Asset Management Report made things easy for the management team. Management could see every day how long a trailer was sitting in a particular location and sort that report by the number of days it hasn’t moved.

A Spike in Work During COVID-19

Considered an essential supplier by Lowe’s Home Improvement, the business was approved to continue work which led to a massive amount of deliveries and trailers on the road. With people at home working in their yards and garden, their product was in huge demand. CallPass’s asset tracking software allowed them to quickly locate trailers that were not being used and pull them into their location and loaded in no time.

In the past, this would have required someone manually searching for extra trailers. With CallPass, the team was able to find all of their trailers and determine which ones were usable all in a single afternoon.

“I really couldn’t imagine what it would be like without CallPass. Prior to CallPass it truly was chaotic in finding trailers, tracking trailers. ... Now with CallPass we can be sure down to the minute it was delivered.” ,

EJ JohnsonGeneral Manager of Custom Pine Straw

Increased Trailer Tracking Utilization While Reducing Overhead Costs

The decision to go with CallPass versus the competition was an easy one for Steve Rogers, owner of Custom Pine Straw. CallPass’ cost-effective solution increased trailer utilization without cutting into profits, while helping to eliminate the replacement costs for stolen or lost trailers.

For a company that operates with over 50 trucks and 900 trailers each moving all across the southeastern region of the United States 24/7, keeping their equipment and assets safe was a major priority. With LANA asset tracking from CallPass, Custom Pine Straw can effortlessly see where each trailer is located at any given time, meaning they can check off their day and stay prepared for the next.

“Understanding where the trailers are and how they’ve been sitting has increased our productivity beyond measure,” ... “I don’t know how we got along before CallPass.”

Steve RogersOwner of Custom Pine Straw
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