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How a Solar GPS Tracker Works for Trailer Tracking

By August 31, 2021LANA Asset
Solar Powered Trailer Tracking

Stay Connected To Your Trailers

Keeping track of all your assets is vital to the success of your business. But that can be hard to do when they’re constantly moving across the country. GPS tracking is the key.

Take it one step further and use a solar GPS tracker for the optimal trailer tracking device. Back it up with an LTE connection and our powerful software to get the most information. Build a more efficient business and make critical decisions quickly when you partner with CallPass.

Solar Powered Trailer Tracking

The Solar GPS Tracker from CallPass

Our solar GPS tracker, Solar Sense, is our best-selling tracker that carries a slim yet rugged device that can be set up in just two minutes and charged via indirect sunlight in two hours. The rechargeable battery will last for 10 years so you don’t have to worry about losing location data while on the road.

The ability to optimize your fleet of trailers can enhance your operations immensely! Through the advanced measures of solar-powered gps tracking you can ensure each chassis and trailer tracking can be monitored with this solar-powered device. This allows you to have your assets deployed for an extended period of time without losing location accuracy. Plus, since they’re constantly on the road, you don’t have to worry about setting them up to charge. As long as they have some access to sunlight, they are good to go!

Solar Trailer Tracking and Software

Trailer tracking helps you optimize your business and make better decisions because you have more information than ever before. It starts by installing a solar GPS tracker onto your trailer. Once this is complete, you will then access CallPass’s LANA Asset platform to access the data from any internet-enabled device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Anywhere you have internet access, you can log in, whether that’s the home office, a hotel room on the road, or the latest job site.

The information collected by the solar GPS tracker is presented in a dashboard that’s easy to comprehend and completely customizable. You can check on the location of any trailer in real-time, and even set up notifications for various events.

One of the best features of our trailer tracking software is the ability to set up customizable geozones! For each asset with a solar GPS tracker, you can specify an area that it is allowed to move around in. If your asset ever crosses one of those boundary lines, you’ll be alerted via text or email immediately. This powerful feature allows you to take quick and efficient action to get your assets back where they need to be along with expediting logistics management.


Keep Your Assets in Sight!

Increase profits, reduce costs, and improve your business outlook with a solar GPS tracker for trailer tracking. If you have any questions or would like to request a demo, please contact us today by clicking the button!


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