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Introduction to Asset Tracking for Dry Vans

By August 6, 2020February 25th, 2021LANA Asset
Dry Van at Dock

Dry Van

How Dry Van Asset Monitoring Improves Business

When your dry vans are hundreds of miles away from you, anything can happen. Your dry vans are carrying precious goods and are a valuable part of your fleet. Keeping tabs on your dry vans and knowing where they are every minute of the day and if they’ve made it to their destination on time can be a challenge. Especially if you’re managing a whole fleet. That’s why it’s important to have ultimate visibility over your dry vans with powerful asset monitoring.

Asset monitoring for dry vans gives you a complete overview of your entire fleet so you can protect your dry vans while making sure they get to their destination on time.

What is Asset Tracking for Dry Vans?

A lost dry van is no good for anyone. So, you want to make sure you know where your dry van is every minute of the day. To better understand the benefits of asset monitoring for dry vans, you need to know exactly what an asset tracking application is.

A powerful asset tracking application lets you manage and monitor your entire fleet of dry vans all from your office or on the go. Whether your dry vans are down the street or traveling across the country, you get an inside look on each of your dry vans so you know exactly what’s happening. A great asset tracking application gives you a near real-time view, productivity reports, and complete security so you can make better business decisions.

What are the Features of a Powerful Asset Monitoring Solution for Dry Vans?

CallPass is a leader in the asset tracking industry. With easy to use powerful features, your whole line of dry vans is right at your fingertips. To know where your dry vans are day or night, it’s important to equip them with an asset tracking solution. CallPass’ solar-powered asset tracking solution for dry vans provides a reliable system to monitor and manage your assets while automating your day-to-day business processes.

Features include:

  • Geo-Zones: Device-based geo-zones keep your dry vans on the map by sending you instant notifications received through SMS/email alerts. Cloud-based geo-zones let you manage and monitor your dry van’s location with your own specifically designed boundaries. Meshed geo-zones let you create a zone within a zone so you can easily pinpoint right where your dry vans are located at all times.
  • Comprehensive Awareness Reporting: When it comes to managing your dry vans, you need a fantastic reporting system that gives you complete control of the things you need to manage every day. A powerful reporting application lets you virtually identify and tag dry vans if you’re dry vans are used in a ‘trailer pool’, rented, or leased comprehensive reports can assist you accurate usage billing and more. Flexible alert and notification options let you decide how often you want to receive reports and which check-ins and notifications you want sent your way.
  • Ultimate Tracking: Label and control each yard for both your company and consumers. Stay focused on various schedules and limit dwell time so your dry van is always on the go. Fully manage the delivery and receipt of each dry van while seeing a complete history of where it’s been and where it’s going.

Why Do You Need a GPS Tracker for Dry Vans?

When your dry van is out on the road, miles away from you, it can feel like a challenge knowing exactly where it is and where it’s going next. You need complete control over your dry van fleet and GPS tracking for dry vans is the best way to get it. Never wonder about where your dry van is again.

A dry van GPS tracker gives you immediate location detail and other critical information with lightning-fast data. The ability to customize your asset tracking to fit your company and employ in-depth features gives you complete control of your fleet so they can remain on schedule and return to you safely when the job is done.

Dry Van With Solar Sense

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CallPass is an industry-leader in reliability and service in the asset monitoring industry and we’re here to help you take complete control of your assets right now. Contact us today at 877-324-0999 to request a free demo and see how the right dry van tracking system can change the way you do business.


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