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Introduction to Asset Tracking for Rental Equipment

By August 13, 2020February 25th, 2021LANA

Why use GPS Asset Tracking for your Rental Equipment?

Equipment renting or leasing can be risky. There’s no telling whether the renter will follow the agreement and use your rented equipment in the agreed-upon zones for their job. Rental equipment tracking is essential to improving your asset management. A powerful GPS asset tracking platform lets you keep track of all your rented equipment easily while still keeping the control you need to run your business.

What is Rental Equipment Tracking?

Rental equipment tracking makes it incredibly simple to know exactly where your equipment is at all times. This protects your equipment not only from being stolen but gives you, as the owner, a complete inside look into your equipment usage. No matter the size of your rented equipment, an advanced GPS tracker can help you stay on top of your assets even when they’re no longer near you. 

CallPass’s LANA asset tracking platform can help you manage your rented and leased equipment with ease while giving you a better understanding of your logistics. A 24/7 look at your equipment can automate your day-to-day business processes and increase productivity.

What are the Features of an Advanced Asset Tracking Application for Equipment Rentals?

It’s important to have all the right features when it comes to rental equipment tracking. A strong asset monitoring platform gives you complete access to your equipment that goes beyond just location status. CallPass’s advanced asset tracking solutions for rental equipment tracking works for all equipment types and are easy to install, putting you in the driver’s seat.  Top equipment tracking features include:

  • Track Engine Hours and Reduce Idling: Track and measure engine runtime, time-on-site, and stops that your rental equipment has made to assist with maintenance and accurate usage billing.
  • Location Mapping: Lets you see your rented equipment live on a map based on its latest ping. GPS tracking lets you know just where your equipment is going and where it’s been with a detailed history report so you can make better business decisions.
  • Awareness Reporting: Rental equipment tracking reports are specifically designed for you. Filter and sort your equipment and reduce dormancy all while having complete access to schedule monitoring and mileage reports.
  • Powerful Geo-Zones: Device-based geo-zones are the perfect solution to keep your leased equipment secure with instant alerts received through SMS/email alerts. Cloud-based geo-zones let you manage your leased equipment by creating your custom boundaries. Meshed geo-zones go further with a zone within a zone feature for fast inventory monitoring.

Why Do You Need an Asset Tracking Device for Equipment Rentals?

Rental equipment tracking is designed to help you keep tabs on your equipment while knowing every detail in the easiest way possible. When you can fully manage your rented or leased equipment, your operations run smoothly, and your company prospers in return.

Asset tracking for equipment leasing provides real-time data straight to your email or mobile device to prevent loss and create a fast-moving schedule.

Cut back on risks when it comes to your rented equipment. When you have full access to your fleet, you can maintain a strong business plan and keep your daily operations running on time.

Skid Loader With CP45 Device

Contact CallPass Today to Access Equipment Leasing GPS Tracking

CallPass is an industry leader in reliability and service in the asset tracking industry with a feature-rich platform created to make tracking your equipment leasing management easy.

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