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Introduction to Asset Tracking for Trailer Leasing

By August 20, 2020February 25th, 2021LANA

Why Asset Tracking for Your Trailer Leasing Operations is Essential. 

In today’s competitive business landscape, it’s important you utilize your resources to their greatest potential. If you’re in the trailer leasing industry, maximizing their value means you need real-time information on the location of each leased trailer. An advanced asset tracking device for your trailer leasing fleet can help you fully manage your trailers from any location for maximum performance at your fingertips. 

What is an Asset Tracking Device for Trailer Leasing?

To know the full power and control you gain from using an asset tracking device for trailer leasing, you want to realize just how it benefits your company overall. An asset tracking device provides you with an entire view of your trailer, so you receive accurate real-time information while never losing sight.

When you use an asset tracking device on your leased trailers with CallPass, you receive not just the state-of-the-art trackers, but an entire advanced asset tracking software platform to help you understand logistics and manage your leased assets. A powerful GPS asset tracking device and software platform give you a 24/7 view of your leased trailer’s location keeping your valuable trailer right where you can see it.

What are the Features of an Advanced Asset Tracking
Application for Trailer Leasing?

As you consider getting asset tracking for your leased trailers, you want an application that has innovative features that give you full access and control over your trailers. LANA Asset Tracking for trailer leasing gives you that control you need all at the touch of a button.  Features include:

  • Add Value to Customers: use asset tracking as an add-on feature for customers so they can better manage their operations. This can allow them to view their leased and owned trailers on the same dashboard.
  • View Mileage for Accurate Billing and Maintenance: Use mileage tracking for billing reconciliation and to schedule preventative maintenance.
  • See Your Entire Fleet: Filter and sort your trailers by location, geo-zone, and reduce dormancy by giving you detail into whether or not they’re active or parked.
  • Customizable Geo-Zones: Device-based geo-zones are designed to keep your leased trailers secure with instant alerts received through SMS/email alerts. Cloud-based geo-zones let you manage your leased trailer’s location with your own specially designed boundaries. Meshed geo-zones let you create a zone within a zone to cut down on searching through your leased trailer inventory.
  • Optimize trailer pools: Redirect inactive trailers to sites with higher demand and revenue potential. Get the right trailers to the right locations at the right times.
  • Easy Mapping: An asset tracking device lets you see your trailers live on a map based on its latest ping. Keep your trailers always “on” with on-demand mapping features. GPS tracking doesn’t just let you see where your trailer is going, but also where it’s been. History mapping gives you complete access to your trailer’s movement history from the moment you started tracking.
Solar Sense on Trailer

Why Do You Need an Asset Tracking Device for Trailer Leasing?

At CallPass we want to help you streamline your day-to-day business processes. Managing your trailers and making sure you are paid on time should never be a time-consuming process. That’s why we offer a solution to give you complete visibility into your fleet of leased trailers not matter where they are, this not only improves utilization, but it helps your business make overall better decisions.

Never wonder where a leased trailer is again. Asset tracking for trailer leasing provides real-time data straight to your email or mobile device to prevent loss and create a fast-moving schedule.

Reduce those delaying payments or going delinquent when it comes to your leased trailers. When you have full access to your fleet, you can maintain a stronger business plan and keep your daily operations running smoothly!

Contact CallPass Today to Get Started with Asset Tracking

Any business that is trying to maintain trailer leasing needs the power of an advanced GPS tracker system to help them stay in control.

CallPass is an industry leader in reliability and service in the asset tracking industry with a feature-rich platform created to make tracking your leased trailers easy. Contact us today at +1 (727) 324- 4231 to request a free demo and see how the right trailer leasing tracking system can create a powerful change in your daily operations!