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Solar Powered GPS Tracker: What You Should Know About this Asset Monitoring Hardware

By September 4, 2020February 25th, 2021LANA Asset
Solar Powered GPS Tracker

Solar Powered Asset Tracking For All Assets.

Keeping track of your assets is important for your company. If you lose your assets while they’re on the road or they never make it to their destination, that’s a lot of lost time and money for your business. That’s why it’s important to choose asset monitoring hardware that has longevity and also comes with the latest innovative features. This is where the solar-powered GPS asset tracker comes in.

CallPass’s Solar Sense Asset Tracker helps you manage your fleet and other important assets such as trailers, containers, equipment, and machinery. This solar-powered GPS tracker works seamlessly with CallPass’ LANA TM Asset Tracking Software to providing a powerhouse duo that can be customized to your asset tracking needs.

Why Use Solar Powered Asset Monitoring Devices?

When you choose a powerful solar-powered GPS tracker, you receive global visibility on all of your assets and equipment 24/7. This innovative asset monitoring hardware goes a step beyond normal GPS tracking and enables deep business intelligence streamlined to help customers increase their profits. When choosing a solar-powered GPS tracker, you receive benefits such as:

Long Battery Life: The self-sustaining Solar Sense Asset Tracker from CallPass comes with 10-year battery life so you never have to worry about frequent maintenance.

Increased Durability: A solar-powered GPS tracker is designed to withstand the roughest terrains and strongest weather while continuing to work in even the most power-starved environments. Solar Sense is able to easily manage remote deployments without needing to replace the battery while it’s wireless and sleek exterior is simply mounted on almost any type of equipment in minutes.

Global Coverage: The solar-powered GPS tracker from CallPass works with LANA TM for customizable tracking and complete coverage. This gives your asset monitoring hardware the ability to work anywhere, at any time, no matter the location.

Prevent theft and unauthorized use: Ensure that contracted or leased assets are where they need to be when they need to be.

Limit or manage dwell times: Simplify billing, stop disputes and bill for detention with real-time data on billing stop and start times. Avoid prolonged dormancy.

Reduce transit cycle times: Bill for detention and dwell. Increase revenue and decrease loss exposure utilizing LANA™.

Solar Powered GPS Tracker Top Features

Solar-powered asset monitoring hardware from CallPass contains a powerful long-lasting 10-year battery life, but also comes with other must-have features including:

  • Fully Charged within 1-2 hours of Direct Sunlight
  • Sensor Integration
  • Motion Tracking
  • Sleep Timer
  • Specified Wake Times
  • Solar Powered Recharging Battery
  • LTE Enabled
  • Zigbee and Bluetooth Options

Asset Monitoring Hardware from CallPass

CallPass provides a wide selection of GPS Based Solutions, IoT Solutions, and Integration Platforms allowing companies to maximize profitability through efficiency and keep track of their assets no matter where they’re located.

At CallPass, we are dedicated to providing high-quality products and services across a wide spectrum of vertical markets. Solar Sense GPS tracking integrates with our LANA TM  Asset Tracking Software to help companies customize their asset tracking so it works just for them.

Benefits of asset tracking through CallPass include:

  • Improves in overall operational efficiencies through managing assets
  • Reduces risk and prevents total loss of assets, collateral and more
  • Increases revenue through higher utilization rates
  • Eliminates excessive capital expenditures replacing lost or stolen equipment
  • Gives back time to management and staff through process automation
LANA TM Asset Tracking Software

Contact us today at +1 (727) 324-1428 to request a free demo and see how solar powered asset monitoring hardware can create a powerful change in your daily operations!



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