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The Importance of Asset Tracking Solutions for The Scrap & Waste Industry

By November 19, 2020December 8th, 2020LANA
Scrap & Waste Asset Tracking

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Roll-Off Container Tracking


It’s important managers in the scrap and waste industry can track and utilize their dump trailers and waste containers at specific collection locations. If a dump trailer or waste container becomes idle or lost, this can cause a problem for your business by halting operations.

LANA™ Asset, our industry-leading asset tracking solution provides powerful features for all your scrap and waste management tracking needs. To make sure your dumpster tracking and roll-off container tracking is efficient, it’s important to understand how an advanced GPS tracking solution for all your powered and non-powered scrap and waste assets works.

On-Demand Reporting for Dumpster Tracking and Roll-Off Container Tracking

From waste containers to dump trailers and even roll-off containers, having these assets at their collection location on time is essential to keeping your business running smoothly.  Our LANA™ Asset, advanced asset tracking solution offers the latest in dumpster tracking software so you can access your dump trailers and waste containers no matter where they’re located.

LANA Asset on 3 devices

To take complete care of your waste dumpsters, you need an asset tracking platform that offers on-demand reporting. This helps you automate scrap and waste yard inventory checks so you can sort dump trailers by geo-zone, location, and type. Reduce dump trailer and waste container dormancy by knowing where and when your dump trailers are idle. Monitor their scheduled check-ins, see how many miles are logged per day, and know where your dump trailers and waste dumpsters have been with our full mileage report.

Alerts and notifications keep you tuned into all your scrap and waste assets or you can easily select just a few to monitor. Another added perk of our LANA Asset platform is the ability to avoid the hassle of billing disputes. Easily learn how long your asset has been sitting at a location with an accessible dwell and demurrage report that holds your customers accountable. Capturing the full history of arrival and departure times for your waste assets through easy to comprehend and present reporting ensures you always maximize your profits adequately.

Rugged Exterior Solar Powered GPS Tracker

Waste dumpsters and dump trailers have a tough job to get through. From rugged yards to handling mountains of scrap and waste, you want to keep track of your assets, but also make sure you have a tracking device that stands up to the environment.

LANA™ Asset works seamlessly with our Solar Sense –solar-powered asset tracker that boasts the hardest exterior built for tough conditions. The solar-powered GPS tracker has a self-recharging 10-year battery life so you can continue tracking anytime without a nearby power source. Rain, dirt, and mud can’t get in the way of this dumpster tracking device. Our solar-powered GPS tracker is built to withstand the harshest weather conditions so you can keep on operating no matter what.

Contact CallPass to Learn More About Asset Tracking for the Scrap and Waste Industry

From real-time reporting so you never lose sight of your dump trailers to a solar-powered GPS tracker and geo-zones for customizable barriers, CallPass makes dumpster tracking and roll-off container tracking easy.

To learn more about how to protect your scrap and waste assets and make sure they get the job done on time, contact CallPass today. Try a demo of our innovative asset tracking solution and learn more about how the right dumpster tracking software can help keep your operations on track.