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Top 4 Advantages of Waste Container GPS Tracking

By May 5, 2021May 24th, 2021LANA
CallPass - Waste Container Tracking

Optimize Your Waste Containers

When operating in the scrap & waste industry the ability to manage your waste containers efficiently is essential. COVID-19 has further stressed the importance of asset management in various industries, with the waste management industry being no exception.

No matter what assets you need to track, CallPass has got you covered. Dumpster GPS tracking, roll-off containers, and even intermodal/TEU container tracking are just a few of the asset tracking solutions CallPass provides. Below, we have outlined the top 4 advantages of waste container tracking and how each can bring value to your day-to-day operations.

1. Misplacement Protection

As unfortunate as it is, without an asset management platform, such as LANA Asset, it can be easy to misplace waste containers when in charge of so many while also balancing various day-to-day hurdles.

Lost assets whether it’s from theft or misplacement can ultimately cost companies a fortune. Implementing an asset tracking solution doesn’t come free, but that small initial investment will no doubt save much more for your company in the long run as you simplify your asset management.

Suppose you want to keep a close eye on the whereabouts of your waste containers. With a proper asset tracking solution, fleet managers are able to quickly access numerous data points of these containers including its previous history, location, and even which employees were last associated with it.

A container GPS tracking solution is so much more than just determining the location of an asset. With so much robust data, companies can yield more control over their entire business and in turn keep their assets safe and secure.

2. Boost Customer Service

Holding a firm grip on your roll-off containers through first-class GPS tracking allows you to keep your customers constantly in the loop with precise accuracy on each asset’s drop-off and pick-up times. Providing to your customers without hesitation the location of a container en-route to their job-site ensures they also absorb the benefits of an Asset Tracking Platform by ensuring they are optimizing their operations.

3. Simplify Your Reporting and Auditing Process

Without an asset tracking solution in place, it’s evidently impossible to fully scale your business, as you’re limiting asset facets such as maintenance updates, location tracking, and even depreciation. Yet when you do utilize an asset tracking solution, you’re able to access and report on all of these facets plus more no matter where life might take you.

No matter the value of your asset, a GPS tracking solution provides holistic coverage into the quality, whereabouts, and expected lifespan of all your expenditures. With just the touch of a button, asset tracking solutions provide real-time reporting which in turn simplifies internal audits and regulatory compliance.

4. Allocate Resources More Efficiently

As companies grow there’s a constant struggle of determining where to best allocate their resources. New mandates and responsibilities can lead to falling behind on previously fixed schedules. This is why enterprises that continue to grow and scale their business operations need to utilize the power of an asset tracking solution.

Investing in an asset tracking solution grants companies full access and tracking capabilities to their entire fleet of assets while also enhancing dispatching operations. Whether you’re at work, on the road, or even in the comfort of your own home, asset tracking increases the chance of noticing any potential flaws or even what improvements could be made on the initial plan. Eradicate the days of whiteboards, clipboards, and lengthy spreadsheets as you maximize your productivity, thus increasing your bottom-line. With easy access to precise asset locations through CallPass’s LANA Asset Platform, operations teams can quickly address flaws in the field and deploy needed dumpsters to a job site, allowing for smoother operations across the board.

Invest in Your Future with LANA Asset Tracking Software from CallPass

Business growth is paramount. Companies that take the time to invest in an asset tracking solution can strategize how to best utilize their assets for years to come. It’s time to protect your business’s most valuable resources by investing in a proper GPS tracking system. Fill out the form below consult with a dedicated member of our team today and learn why CallPass is the number one provider for asset tracking solutions.

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