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4 Must-Have Asset Tracking Software Features You’ll Need in 2021

Advanced Asset Tracking

Key Features… that drive your operations forward.

By now it should be no secret that asset tracking plays an integral role in the overall success of fleet management. Companies rely heavily on asset tracking solutions to provide a greater sense of security which in turn leads to greater growth and ROI.

LANA Asset on 3 devices

Along with a heightened sense of security, there are numerous other features and benefits to utilizing asset tracking software within your business. Inventory management, asset tracking, and scheduled maintenance alerts are just a few examples of the diverse features that this asset monitoring software provides.

If your New Year’s resolution was to reduce costs and save time, then look no further because asset tracking software is built to do just that. Make 2021 the best year to date with these must-have features powered by asset tracking solutions.

1. Real-Time Accuracy

Whether the fleet you manage is big or small, keeping close tabs on your assets is no simple task. From trailer tracking to container GPS tracking, no matter what type of assets you’re tracking, you need a reliable monitoring solution that enables you to keep track of all your assets in real-time.

Asset tracking software can provide this information accurately and on-time no matter where you or your assets might be. This is a phenomenal feature to have in today’s fast-paced world and is vital in tracking the value of each and every asset.

Real-time accuracy is only amplified by the ability to provide your business with advanced and customizable reporting. LANATM Asset, CallPass advanced application makes life easier for every aspect of your business from supply chain manager, project manager, to even the accounting department. Some of the many reports this first-class platform provides include:

  • Asset awareness report
  • Trip summary report Mileage report
  • Alert report Events/scheduling report
  • Engine hour report
  • Dwell and demurrage report

2. Customizable Alerts & Notifications

Oftentimes businesses will view maintenance as a chore and overlook the importance of maintaining their assets. Yet, if maintenance is pushed aside, it can lead to deterioration and a severe lack of productivity. With real-time location updates… the ability to track and measure engine runtime, time-on-site, and stops that the assets and equipment have made enables prompt decision-making regarding maintenance and operational efficiencies.

This particular feature of asset tracking is one of the most important in terms of keeping productivity running smoothly at a high level. The best part is that the asset tracking software can be configured to alert you when maintenance is needed, along with notifying you of any sudden notices that may impact the flow of your operations!

Some of the key alerts that CallPass’s LANATM Asset platform comes packed with include:

  • Acceleration alert
  • Battery disconnect alert
  • Battery voltage alert
  • Motion start/stop alert

With your assets in tip-top shape, your business can follow suit and perform at the highest level ensuring your bottom-line is never impacted.

3. Clear Communication and Direction

Technology is always evolving, and asset tracking software has come a long way as well. It wasn’t that long ago that fleet managers would have to use an outdated spreadsheet from their computer to track equipment, devices, any other valuable asset. In turn, other workers and employees couldn’t access this information and the results often led to miscommunication and a lack of direction. Not exactly a fool-proof system.

However, nowadays thanks to the new LANA asset tracking solution from CallPass, there isn’t an overwhelming worry that this will happen. Cloud-based asset tracking software allows fleet managers to accurately access data and information in real-time thus promoting an improved communication among all employees.

4. Cutting-Edge Mapping Capabilities

Everyone knows it’s easier to read a live map rather than a messy spreadsheet of whiteboard! Now more than ever, the value of every second can’t be overlooked. Effectively managing each asset in your fleet is heightened through an advanced asset tracking platform with proper mapping capabilities that include live/real-time location tracking, historical mapping locate-on-demand, and geozones.

They say time is money, and CallPass truly takes pride in assisting your business to flourish, as you manage your inventory like never before.

Map View - LANA Asset

Did you know not every geozone is the same? That’s right, LANA Asset’s advanced capabilities enable you to fluctuate between types of geozones such as device-based geozones. cloud-based geozones, and nested geozones. Each offers you a different way to analyze your operations and manage your array of assets! Each geozone also comes with the ability to establish immediate alerts triggered by an entrance or exit of a zone helping you prevent theft and unauthorized use!

Start the New Year off Strong

These are just a few of the countless features that asset tracking software provides. Here at CallPass, we want to see your business succeed and be there for you every step of the way. Our dedicated team of professionals can help guide you to finding the perfect asset tracking solution that best fits your company’s needs.

To learn more about asset tracking and all of its benefits, contact the team at CallPass today by filling out the form below!



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