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How Asset Tracking & Monitoring Software is Improving Customer Success

By April 1, 2021LANA

Before diving into how utilizing asset tracking and monitoring software can improve your company’s customer success, we first need to take a step back and look at asset tracking and monitoring software as a whole. By doing so, we can better understand the overview of asset tracking solutions and why this particular software has become so prominent among business owners who have and use a variety of assets and equipment in their day-to-day business operations.

LANA Asset

At its core, an asset tracking solution, like LANA Asset from CallPass is used by business owners, fleet managers, and dispatch reps to gather valuable data and insights, such as an asset’s location or the utilization of the asset. In turn, this helps to improve efficiency across a fleet manager’s complete array of assets and reduces the risk of mismanagement.

There are a number of different techniques used to properly track and monitor assets including GPS tracking, barcode tracking, and even RFID tracking among others. The right asset tracking and monitoring software is crucial in a business’s ability to grow and as such plays a key role in customer success. Here’s how asset tracking and monitoring software is helping to build that rapport.

Faster Response Time

With the right asset tracking solution, you’re able to better understand where each asset is located at all times in real-time, which helps to improve dispatching along with faster response times. Fleet managers can see which asset is best suited to respond, along with which employee can take on this assignment. As such, this asset monitoring ability allows fleet managers to add more customers and clients into their daily cycle – but perhaps even more important, the faster response time leads to an uptick in overall customer satisfaction.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

The ever-fluctuating fuel prices make staying efficient as possible an absolute must. A huge benefit of asset tracking software that goes beyond the day-to-day responsibilities is its ability to track engine hours of powered assets. By having real-time data on the exact engine hours of an asset and where it has traveled fleet managers can then optimize those assets to reduce fuel wasting mistakes and keep their assets in good working condition and on the right path without any meandering or delays. Reducing our carbon footprint is something we all should be doing, but when a company can proudly say they have taken the steps to reduce overall waste and keep their assets in perfect condition it’s a win for customer satisfaction.

Reduces Labor & Overall Business Cost

Have you been looking for a solution that enables you to be sure you are effectively managing your business? Here’s where asset tracking and monitoring solutions come in! The improvements that optimizing each asset you own will have on your bottom-line allows you to get more ROI out of what you already own. Eliminate the need for year-over-year spend on new assets as you manage each accordingly through advanced tracking and reporting measures that protect both the health and security of your assets.

Take the right step today to run your staff and business efficiently through advanced asset tracking. Don’t have your crewman travel to a job site to recover an asset for another job only to find out it’s on a completely different site miles away. Instances like these happen often, too often as a matter of fact, and cost businesses across various industries priceless time and money that lead to missed deadlines, damaged profits and dissatisfied customers.

Improving Customer Satisfaction One Day at a Time

These are just a few of the customer success benefits that come standard when utilizing an asset tracking and monitoring system. Another great feature is that asset tracking software can be agile and fit accordingly for your business needs.

Here at CallPass, we understand that every organization runs a little differently which is why our dedicated team of professionals works with you every step of the way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your operations through LANA Asset, our first-class solution. Learn how CallPass has continued to help Custom Pine Straw optimize their over 900 unpowered trailers to effectively manage and serve across the continental United States!

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