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Introduction to Asset Tracking for Chassis

By July 29, 2020February 25th, 2021LANA Asset

Rail Chassis

Advanced GPS Tracking For Your Chassis Fleet

As a business owner, fleet manager, or yard operations manager, you know how important it is to keep your chassis moving and on schedule. Whether you’re managing an intermodal chassis fleet or your chassis is on the interstate miles from the office, you want eyes on your chassis fleet to prevent any loss or damage. An advanced GPS tracker and asset tracking application for your chassis fleet can help you better manage your assets whether you’re in the office or working from home.

What is a Chassis Fleet Tracking Application?

It’s important to understand what a chassis fleet tracking application is to better realize its benefits to your company. With an advanced GPS tracker and application, you receive accurate and reliable asset tracking, so your chassis stays in your sight at all times.

CallPass provides asset tracking software to help you better understand your logistics. Our powerful asset tracking application LANA provides a 24/7 view of your assets’ location, so you know right where your valuable equipment is and what it is doing. Productivity reports delivered right to you ensures that you optimize the utilization of each chassis and that it gets to where it needs to go on time.

What are the Features of an Advanced Asset Tracking Application for Chassis?

You want an advanced asset tracking application that comes with rich features to give you full control over your chassis fleet. At CallPass,  we have a variety of GPS trackers that pair seamlessly with our asset tracking application LANA from Solar powered and wireless to wired. No matter the different types of chassis you have in your fleet LANA puts you in control. Some top  features include:

  • Live Chassis Tracking: Keep track of your chassis fleet at both company and consumer yards 24/7. Easily organize your chassis based on size, type, or leased and owned status. Stay up to date on schedules and reduce dwell times so your chassis stays on track. Notifications let you know the moment your chassis has arrived, departed, and its current lease status.
  • Guarded Geo-Zones: Device-based geo-zones are designed to keep your chassis secure with instant alerts received through SMS/email alerts. Cloud-based geo-zones let you manage your chassis’ location with your own specially designed boundaries. Meshed geo-zones let you create a zone within a zone to cut down on searching through your chassis inventory.
  • Customizable Reporting: Easily and efficiently manage and manipulate data to fit your business goals while quickly scheduling reports, alerts, and mileage monitoring. Know how long your chassis has been sitting so you can keep them running on an appropriate schedule.

Why Do You Need Asset Tracking for Chassis Fleet?

Tracking and managing your chassis fleet should never be a manual and time-consuming process. To take your chassis management to the next level, you need a solution that gives you full visibility into the location and status of your chassis to improve utilization and make great decisions.

Asset tracking for chassis provides real-time data delivered straight to your email or mobile device. This helps you prevent loss and theft and creates a more fluid chassis schedule. The more chassis you have moving around the US, the more at risk they are for getting lost, damaged or even stolen. Having a GPS tracking application provides reliable, accurate information about the whereabouts and condition of your chassis to keep your company running smoothly.

Contact CallPass Today to Access Chassis GPS Tracking

If you’re trying to keep track of a fleet of chassis daily, you need an advanced asset tracking solution you can rely on that gives you the control you need to better manage your chassis fleet.

CallPass is an industry leader in reliability and service in the asset tracking industry with a feature-rich platform created to make tracking your chassis easy. Contact us today at +1 (727) 324-1428 to request a free demo and see how the right chassis tracking system can create a powerful change in your daily operations!



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