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Asset Tracking For Trailer Leasing To Keep Your Inventory In Check.

Running a business is never easy, especially when that business involves trusting others with your valuable assets. With asset tracking for trailer rentals, you can better monitor the exact location of all your trailers so you can increase efficiency and offer better customer service to your clients. It’s all possible with a trailer GPS tracker from CallPass.

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On-Demand Reporting That Fits With Your Schedule

With the knowledge that comes from real-time GPS tracking, you can increase your fleet’s efficiency and take proactive steps to reduce costs and increase revenue. With our proprietary LANATM Asset software for trailer leasing, you can develop your own customized reports that allow you to quickly and easily see the information that matters most.

  • Asset Awareness –    Filter and sort assets by a variety of metrics including type, location, geozone, and active or parked status.
  • Periodic Events Monitor scheduled check-ins.
  • Alerts  See all alerts and notifications for all devices or a specific device including speed, location, and after-hours alerts.
  • Mileage –  See how many miles are put on the trailer each day for accurate billing.
Live and Historical Mapping for All Your Assets
  • Live Location Tracking – Get updates from our user-friendly, web-based app as soon as they’re available on any device you choose so you can monitor performance and answer customer questions with confidence.
  • Locate on Demand –  Our trailer tracking devices allow you to accurately locate any of your trailer rentals in real-time. You no longer have to wait for your daily report at 5 p.m. to find out a trailer has been missing for 20 hours. You can enact a recovery system as soon as 10 minutes from the time of error, helping you manage losses and increase efficiency.
  • History Map – Get historical mapping data for any device from the day you installed it.
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Top 3 Benefits

  • Improve Utilization – It’s important to know where all your assets are at any given time. By knowing their location, arrival, departure, and dwell time, you can make the most of each trailer in your fleet. This allows you to minimize demurrage charges and increase profits without additional expenses to your bottom line.
  • Better Customer Service – Your customers expect their trailer rentals to arrive in good condition and that you’ll be available to answer all their questions. With real-time GPS location data and trailer monitoring, you can always know when it’s time for trailer maintenance and how many trailers you have available for your next customer.
  • Versatile & Dependable – A CallPass trailer GPS tracker helps you monitor assets without wired power sources which makes these solutions versatile and reliable.
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Set Your Custom Geozones to See What’s Important to You
  • Set a geozone for a specific device on a wired asset and receive SMS or email alerts accordingly.
  • Cloud-based geozones allow you to choose your own landmarks of any shape and number of points for the highest accuracy.
  • Build a geozone within a geozone to reduce inventory search time when you’re in a pinch.
Alerts & Notifications to Keep You On Top of Your Business

Set up alerts that are important to you so you can stay on top of the business decisions that matter most.

  • Battery Disconnect – Get notified if a device becomes disconnected from its asset while on power.
  • Battery Voltage – Receive a notification if an asset’s battery goes below a certain voltage.
  • Geo-zone Crossing – Notifications for when an asset moves out of its set geo-zone.
  • Motion Start/Stop – Be alerted when an asset starts to move or stops moving. Be alerted when an asset starts to move or stops moving.
  • Temperature – Know immediately if an asset’s temperature moves outside of a specific range.