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Stick to the Schedule

Make the most of your time when you invest in CallPass asset monitoring for your flatbeds. Using our proprietary LANATM Asset, CallPass’s first-class asset monitoring software and devices helps you get the most out of your transportation fleet. This software provides a near real-time view of all assets, productivity reports whenever and however you want them, and the security you need when monitoring the location of your flatbeds, ensuring they get to their next destination on time.

Asset Tracking for Flatbeds
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Make Your Yard Work Smarter, Not Harder

Automated yard checks provide a clear and accurate look at your yard, helping you to improve chassis fleet management. Make better use of your assets by empowering dispatch, leasing, and overall operational management with the information they need to do the job right.

Asset Monitoring – Always
  • Identify and manage various yards including company and consumer-centric.
  • Get alerted when flatbeds arrive, depart, or change owned/leased status.
  • Keep an eye on scheduled check-ins and limit or manage the dwell time at each location.
A Live Look at Your Flatbeds
  • Find exact locations for each flatbed in your fleet in near-real time and manage the delivery and receipt of all assets.
  • Search, sort, or group your data to find the information you need about flatbed size, ownership status, or type.
  • View historic data on any specific asset since the first day you placed the tracking device.
Make the most of your transportation fleet and maximize flatbed uptime with CallPass’ advanced asset monitoring solutions.
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Better Information Means Better Decision Making

You need a reliable system to monitor and manage your transportation fleet so you know immediately when a flatbed is unaccounted for. This is when you’ll be glad you invested in flatbed asset monitoring. If someone has taken the flatbed, you can begin to enact a recovery plan right away.

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Create Your Own Geo-zones
  • You can create device-based, cloud-based, or meshed geo-zones with the advanced polygon technology.
  • Designate appropriate boundaries and highlight drop yards, transfer centers, company yards, customer facilities, ports, or any other location that is important to your transportation business
Battery Alert Notifications
  • Get real-time information on current battery status for all flatbeds and wired connections.
  • Monitor power source battery levels and be notified if they are low or disconnected.

Take Better Control of Leased Fleets

Better manage your rented or leased fleets and offer asset monitoring solutions to your customers so they can grow their business. Using company level privileges, you can allow customers to have specific insight into their leased assets at the touch of a button.

Reports Built Just for You
  • With standard and customized reporting options, you can provide your customers with the data they need to improve their business.
  • Create higher levels of visibility for your customers by creating hierarchical privileges and customized views. This allows all users to manage and manipulate their data in a way that suits their business objectives.
  • Keep an eye on how many miles are put on the flatbed each day using GPS location data.
  • Track and monitor the billable usage hours of your flatbed.
Easily Manage Your Devices
  • Identify and plainly label flatbeds as either leased or off lease.
  • Manage relevant flatbed information including type, make, and model, to better manage your customers’ account data.
  • Receive a report that includes all alerts and notifications for a single device, or all devices
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Devices to Get You Through the Next Decade

CallPass asset tracking devices are designed to withstand extremely rugged work environments. They help you to monitor, track, and analyze your flatbed’s usage no matter its size, type, or location. Whether you choose a solar-powered or wired device, you’ll still get:

  • Flexibility – Customized configurations and ping rates allow you to choose how often and when you want an asset to report in.
  • Long Battery Life – We’ve got you covered for the next 10 years with our solar-powered or rechargeable tracking devices, whether your flatbed is powered only once in a while or not at all. For wired flatbeds our CP47 and CP45 devices are the most compact and versatile asset trackers on the market.
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Flatbed Asset Monitoring that Goes With You!

You’re not chained to your desk and your asset tracking solution shouldn’t be either. Take your information with you using our online asset monitoring software, LANA. Access the information you need, whenever you need it, from your laptop or tablet. You can also set up email and SMS notifications so you can be alerted if your flatbeds move outside of their designated geo-zones or if they’re used without authorization.